7 Days Yoga Plus Adventure Retreat In Leh- Ladakh

Seven Days Yoga Plus Adventure Retreat In Leh - Ladakh

And, here’s an adventurous yoga for you in Leh-Ladakh where the weathers are at extreme; temperatures dropping below freezing point in winters and summers are sunny harsh. To this place, Akshi Yogashala offers seven days of thrilling yoga retreats. These days are a mix of yoga + adventure that would make it the rarest feat for enthusiasts. It is also a call for you to pack your bags and see yourself landed in the highest altitude, where you can find your thrust for adventure, knowledge and spirituality turn into reality.

What’s All You have in Leh-Ladakh

Leh – Ladakh, is one of the amazing cities of the world for its strategically Himalayan outpost, geographical uniqueness and distinct Tibetan culture. Being in Ladakh is one-in - a life time opportunity as transcend into these locations means attaining the spiritual grace that goes beyond the human’ s worldly pleasures. You will experience the Buddhist culture who are peaceful, soulful and rich. Experiencing this rich culture and that too in this highest altitude of the world is marvelous.

What You will be doing?

In these seven days you will be doing Yoga as well as taken on an complete adventurous trip on the different Himalayan terrains of the world. You would be doing:
  • Yoga Asanas- Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation during the full moon of Buddha purnima
  • Relaxation and Reflection
  • Trek on the less travelled tracks of Leh and Ladhakh ,
  • Enjoy mountain biking down 18000 feet or at the banks of the Pangong Lake,
  • Horse riding
  • Enjoy the delicious and nutritious meals at the hotel or towards the shore of the lake
  • Interact wit h the Yogis
  • Enjoy Tibetan festivals and culture.

The whole xperience would be a miracle exposition of your life, so remarkable, unimaginable and unforgettable.

Upcoming Retreats

7 Days Yoga Plus Adventure Retreat In Leh - Ladakh
-25th July to 31st July
- Fees $800
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