5 Words Every Yogi Should Know

The vast peripheries of yoga have not yet been scaled and are exhaustive in nature. The wisdom of yoga can be limitless and the teachings it offers can be interpreted and understood subjectively. Sanskrit is the Mother of Yoga, as Yog Sutras of Patanjali, has been written in Sanskrit. Many words, frames etc are used in reference to this sacred language. A yogi or a Yoga teacher is considered to be an informative being who understands most of the Sanskrit words. Although to know all words of Sanskrit can be challenging, here is a list of words that should be known to every yogi:

Akshi Yogashala

  1. Namaste: A common word in yoga terminology, this word holds great significance in this art form. The real meaning translates into the universal acknowledgement we have for each other. It mean, the divine light with me, acknowledges the divine light with in you. Namaste is spoken in many languages in different words but the meaning remains same.
  1. OM: A word so deep that its meaning can be brought to light even in one hundred articles. The Universal sound OM the universe, it is said that everything starts and end in OM. The whole being of life and death, rebirth and love boils down to Om. When in a yoga class, we usually chant Om at the conclusion, dedicating the energies to the universal light.
  1. Prana: The vital force of life, Prana is the chi energy running inside us and responsible for our existence. This socmic energy enlightens us and allows us to transit to higher dimensions. Praanayama is a significant way to activate and sense this energy. Yoga medicine highly acknowledges this form.
  1. Karma: The law of balance and moral causation, it works on the principle of ‘you will reap what you shall sow’.The future can be designed by way we act in the present. This philosophy of Hinduism and Buddhism is highly a acknowledged by revered saints and sages to understand the proceedings of human birth and the moksha cycle.
  1. Bhakti:  This Sanskrit word literally translates to, “to partake in, to receive one’ share’. The devotional practices of devotees to their gods, lords, gurus, etc. is considered as Bhakti. Pointing towards religiousness, the worshippers are the ‘Bhakt’ of the lord, the god almighty.

The list of words to know and follow is endless. When we start to follow yogi, meditation and other spiritual practices, the knowledge gods smile upon us and all wisdom.

At Akshi Yogashala, we put emphasis on teaching proper techniques of doing yoga, meditation, recitation of mantras and related words while following the yogic discipline to reap the maximum benefits of this sacred science.

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