Advance Preparations for Yoga Teacher Training Course

A transformational path, yoga teacher training program requires dedication, diligence and a focused approach. The path is full of challenges, tests both on physical and mental level. One needs to be fit mentally and physically to pursue their dreams of becoming a certified yoga teacher. A teacher is a guiding light for a student and to hold that responsibility, a different sense of understanding and seriousness is required. In order to overcome these tests, ideally one should prepare themselves for what lies ahead.

New RYT in AkshiYogashala

Personal Practice

If you are new to the field of yoga and have no idea about what is Hatha, Ashtanga or kundalini. Try and research on your own and understand the Sanskrit meaning of some poses, this will help you in the long run. Apart from the theoretical practice like reading articles, blogs and books, practicing the basic beginners pose can also come in handy. If you are a professional or have been practicing yoga for some time, keep it up and refine your poses further on your own.

Support from others

Chances are if you are pursuing 200 hour yoga teacher training course, you have certified teachers in your friends  or family. Talk to them in detail about what challenges they faced in their four weeks of training. If they are in Bali, Thailand, India, what were their learning experiences of taking up 200 hour yoga teacher training in India or Thailand etc. Borrow their books to understand some concepts or even ask them to  mentor you for an hour a few times in a week to build your foundation. If you do not  know anybody, taking up a yoga class or joining common forums and groups can also help.

Mental preparation

Embrace yourself for the life altering changes that are about to manifest with 200 our yoga teacher training course and convert you into a new being. Understand that it is a process and would gradually unfold. Your beliefs, your thoughts and lifestyle, everything will be put to test. And what will emerge out a new, shining and a refreshed soul residing in a healthy mind and fit body. When you will be mentally prepared for the new, the acceptance and sinking of the same will be quicker.

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