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Some Tips to Make a Better Choice for Yoga Teacher Training Program

With spur of yoga teacher training programs around the world, deciding on a right program is not easy. You need to think the program that best conjures your needs and whether it is worth investing?

However, these following tips will help you make a right choice?

Go through the syllabus: Decide what you exactly want to learn and achieve through training? As yoga is so vast, it is very important for you to decide and contemplate on the type of yoga style you want to adopt and teach. Study about the different yoga styles, first start practising these styles at home or from your local yoga teacher for few days. This would help you know whether the style suits your needs and personality. If yes then start your search for the yoga teacher training program.

Check whether your yoga training Yoga Alliance Is Certified: As an international governing body of yoga, the Yoga Alliance has placed the standards for the teaching training programs. This ensures you get the high quality and standardized teaching of yoga. After completion of the program, you can register with the Yoga Alliance that certifies you to teach yoga anywhere in the world.

Study their background: As now many yoga teacher training schools have been opened only to exhort money with hardly any experience or training in yoga. Do not succumb to their verbal promises, but check the credentials of the yoga institute by doing its background check. Find out since how many years institute is into teaching yoga and study the teacher’s profile. You can go through the reviews to see the kind and level of teaching which is provided by the teachers. And talk to the people and other yogis about the institute.

Check whether they teach anatomy: Anatomy is an important subject which each yoga teacher training program must provide to the students. Do some research on the type of knowledge which institute will provide on the anatomy? An understanding of anatomy could pay off a lot in the long run.

What is A Student–Teacher ratio: It is important to check the student-teacher ratio in each batch. As a rule student-teacher ratio should not be more than 25. Less number of students means more attention of the teacher/s on you, and there will be a good student-teacher relationship. There is also a respect between a student and teacher. It is also very important to see the language they are opting is plain and simple English and conversant.

Joining a yoga teacher training institute is a very big decision as both your time and money are at stake. It is better to delay your decision rather than act in haste. I suggest joining Yoga Teacher Training in India as the best option as in India, you have ample of choices, right schools and ashrams and the quality and level of training that can exceed any other institute of the world. So decide the school where your heart goes but after thoughtful reviewing and examining the credentials of the School.

Summary: There are few things that you need to consider before deciding to join Yoga Teacher Training program. Study the syllabus, check the background of the School, check the profile of the teachers, check whether they teach body anatomy or not and check how many students are there in each batch? Overall, join the School where your heart goes but after carefully checking the credential and details of the school.

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