Five Yoga Poses to Combat Heart Diseases

The lifestyle choices, food preferences and stress has been adding to the number of heart disease patients all over the globe. As per a report from Centre for disease control and prevention in USA, 6,00,000 people die ever year of heart diseases. Some of the common and key contributors for increasing heart problems include smoking, high cholesterol, lack of exercises, increased blood pressure etc. Sedentary lifestyle, where computers take most of our time, we require a sure shot solution that would enable us to overcome the increasing rate of heart diseases.

Yoga is a cure for not one but almost all forms of disorders. The postures allows the breath to be balanced, pumps more oxygen to the heart, keep the blood pressure in control, and keep he practitioner in tune with his mental state as well as motivated towards a healthy lifestyle.

yoga poses for heart diseases

Mountain Pose

The pose stretches the entire body, as both the arms are extended upwards and the heels are lifted as well. The pose balances the whole body, increases flexibility, strengthens the spine and opens up the heart chakra as well.

Shoulder Stand

A semi inverted pose, our heart often gets tired with all the extra function it has to do due to the gravitational pull of the Earth. With the help of this posture, the heart is lowered down and rests for a while thereby increasing its functioning, pumping more health, increasing the supply of oxygen in the body and relaxing the nervous system.

Triangle Pose

A side-stretching pose, it works on the posture of the body, which in turn allows an open chest and more oxygen supply to the body. Also, the pose strengthens the lower as well as the upper body.  It also increases the stamina and opens up the chest along with stretching the chest muscles.

Head to Knee Pose

A deep forward bending posture, head to knee pose is known to increase the blood supply in the body and also is a therapeutic pose for blood pressure. Stretching the spine, groin, hamstrings etc. it removes depression, headaches and sleeping disorders as well.

Head Stand 

Just like shoulder stand, head stand is also an inverted pose but only better than the previous one. An advance level posture, this is highly beneficial for the entire body as it relaxes the organs and heart, allowing them some moments of rest. These short and brief moments are sufficient to increase the blood pumping capacity of the heart.

The practice of yoga not only increases the physical fitness, it works deeply on the mental health as well. Generating a positive attitude, the practice of yoga acts as a boon for the practitioner and offers them a wide range of results.

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