How a New teacher should Conduct Lessons for Beginners?

A decent yoga teacher training school will give its students an insight into the world of teaching at every step of the training, i.e. starting Day 1 to Day 30. From teaching methodologies, to tackle special population cues, alignment and adjustment classes, planning the yoga classes, everything is taught to the new teachers to be in a teacher training course. But what happens when these teachers beginning their sessions get out to teach a beginner session. Teaching beginners is not easy, the word is out there and we all know it. What is good for one, might not be good for the others, the adjustment and the alignment cannot be taught on day one, therefore great precaution is required on the part of the trainer. Here are some tips for the new teachers out there to teach the beginner students.


Easy does it

Beginners can be a tricky code to crack and when in doubt, do what is simplest and easiest. New teachers are charged up with energy and desire to shell out great dosage of knowledge at every step. But keeping the cues simple with minimalistic information and elementary words from Sanskrit should be undertaken, to keep the ship sailing safely. Bombarding them with too much of information is not a good idea.


Here breath does not refer to pranayama, but to remind them that breathing deeply throughout the practice will help them manage themselves in the pose with stability and balance. So a gentle reminder every now and then to ensure they are managing the pressure and twists with ease.

Blend it in

While a flow class is great, transitions from one pose to another can be a bit challenging. Confidence to step in from one pose to another without misbalancing or hurting yourself might take time. Therefore, it is best to offer easy transition, Savasana in the middle for relaxation or similar forms of transitions for better adaptability, can be undertaken.


A few words of appreciation and encouragement go a long way for anyone. Motivating students with simple compliments or helping just a little with a few kind words is also very helpful and motivating. A feeling of being able to perform sets in, making the students feel they are on the right track.

A beginner’s class with a new teacher requires some planning, focus and understanding more on the part of the teacher. A student is amateur and he entrusts his well being in a teacher’s hand, it is teacher’s responsibility to get them safe to the coast.

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