How to Maintain Yoga Practice On the Go

Travel is a fun thing and nothing should stop you from it. Exploring the world is like reading different chapters of the book called life. While on-the-go can be a lot of fun, but it can be a little stressful too. Jet lag, tiredness, sore feet, tight hips, headache and fatigue can accompany you on the great adventures you have planned for yourself. And what about those yoga junkies who love to practice everyday, but their travel plans might hinder in keeping up? Well, where there is will there is way. Taking up a yoga retreat is one way to keep the yoga practice and travel plan together although it not something you can do every time, here are some tips for the jetsetters to follow and take their yoga practice along with them wherever they go:

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Carry the Yoga Essentialities

 While you are on the go, the first and the foremost step is to carry with yourself the necessary stuff you would need for a Yoga classes. When you have all the essentials like yoga mat, yoga clothes, playlist and a prepared mind, you will make time for your practice, someway or the other. Otherwise the mind will make excuses for not practicing, like I don’t have a mat, I don’t have a proper attire or my playlist, only if I had that, it would have been good.


 Planning goes a long way and planned goals are easier to achieve then just showing up without an action plan. Foresee your trip and imagine the time you would be able to spare out for your yoga practice, where will you do it, how much time each day can you devote, etc. etc. Reason out with yourself, if you have to. That way you will be prepared for the upcoming challenges.

Little is More

 The feeling of guilt is something we do not want any yogi experience. You are out to have fun and enjoy, so if some days you are unable to do what you planned or due to shortage of time you could just squeeze in some suryanamakars, don’t worry, it is fine to just have done something. Not doing anything is any day worse than doing little. Consistency is the key, be motivated and keep bringing the best on the table everyday.


 New places invites with them new energies and enthusiasm, exploring and looking for places to continue your practice is yet another great way to keep up the good work. Look out for yoga classes in the vicinity or stay at a hotel that offer yoga classes, try and do yoga in the balcony of your room, near the poolside, in the park nearby, public practice of yoga is great, as it motivates a lot of people as well.

 The yoga practice on the go, can be a lot of fun, de-stressing and liberating. Keep up the spirits high with some dedicated to asanas, meditation or just pranayama, every little step counts.

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