Mentor yourself through yoga practice after Yoga Teacher Training Course

As a student in a regular yoga class, we are mentored and trained by a teacher or guru on how to perform the poses, where to take our gaze and how to focus on the breath. These everyday classes can lead us to find a powerful teacher outside. But as the famous saying goes, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’, it does not necessarily mean someone outside. Our body and soul knows best and is the most powerful source of wisdom. In a Yoga Teacher Training Course, we are guided to listen to our inner voice & consult the wisest person that is you.


Trusting ourselves and be our own teacher is a great way to build on our confidence, self esteem and good health in no money at all. Here are certain ways how Yoga teacher training will help you in mentoring yourself:

Attune to inner calling

Our body is designed to nurture and adjust ourselves in the most enduring way possible. During the YTTC, the certified teachers guide you thorough and help you understand & relate to the inner voice. Through the process of meditation & breathing techniques etc. they teach us to tap into our sub conscious mind and feel & follow the flow of energy. Also, the way our breath works, how our body is designed, its anatomy enables us to get acquainted and feel more at home.

Trust yourself

With the in-depth knowledge and awareness of the functions of our body, each time we go into the pose, we are aware of which muscles are at work. This feeling of knowing and treading in familiar terrain allows us to feel at peace and deactivate the verbal part of the brain, which indicates fear. Each time we deactivate the verbal and attune to the non-verbal part of the brain, which is much more powerful, we are developing a deeper bond of trust with ourselves. The explanation of each and every pose, with proper adjustments makes us trust ourselves better.

Honour the body

The feeling of pain, sensations and numbness allows us to identify the areas that need more attention, relaxation or stretch. Anatomy classes in a YTTC gives an insight into props & helping equipments like belts, bricks, blankets, bolsters etc. that can be used to help yourself perform better. This knowledge eases the fear, generates the trust and helps us honour the pain while we perform the poses.

Know thy universe

Yoga teacher training introduces the quote, Ishvara Pranidhana that basically means “Surrender to the universe.” The practice of giving ourselves to the universe, will also act as a key to unlock the gateways to large potential. The meditation classes will act as a guide to let you into your universe and guide you later on to. Just follow the instinct that comes to you. May be your universe tells you to today to just meditate, do that. Follow your heart.

The choice of a Yoga teacher training course at a revered institution is also a great factor in defining our ability to learn the techniques better. As the teacher, staff and ambience is must to build on. Akshi Yogshala is another school that has been known to work deeply by allowing the students to develop the attitude of trusting themselves.



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About Sunita Choudhary

Destined to weave magic with her words, Sunita Choudhary has been wooing people with her insightful stories, experiences by way of her work. Yoga is her only religion and she keeps her practice lively by learning new methods, forms and types of yoga. Her yearning for the ancient art form brought her to the famous yoga school, Akshi Yogashala and she has been working with them ever since she stepped foot in the yoga capital.

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