yoga retreat
What are the main Benefits of Attending a Yoga Retreat
By : Sunita Choudhary July 14, 2017
A yoga retreat is amazing, as it holds many surprises, challenges, adventure, and enjoyment.  Equally important is that it provides you valuable time to focus...
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healthiest foods on earth
Daily Eight Healthy Food Habits To Enjoy For Yogis
By : Sunita Choudhary July 6, 2017
“Exercise like a yogi, and eat like a yogi”, to remain healthy and energetic whole day, and to retain it you need to bring your...
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tripadvisor certificate of excellence
Akshi Yogashala- A Recipient of TripAdvisor 2017 Certificate of Excellence
By : Sunita Choudhary June 30, 2017
We take this opportunity to thanks all our supporters and reviewers, our students and others with whose support and acknowledgments we have received a most...
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How to balance the Pitta Dosh during the Hot Summer Season?
By : Sunita Choudhary June 23, 2017
Sun rays piercing your eyes and body making you irritable and dehydrated, with flaring temper, it seems you are of short tempered or simply nauseated....
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300 hours YTTC in September at Yogyakarta, Indonesia
By : Sunita Choudhary June 15, 2017
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Smart Tips to Start Teaching Yoga Online
By : Sunita Choudhary June 12, 2017
Now there are many options available online through which any yoga teacher can increase his audiences and teach yoga as they are teaching in regular...
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arm balance in yoga
How Simple Yoga Poses Help To Learn Arm Balance
By : Sunita Choudhary June 3, 2017
It is very heartwarming to see yogis over the magazine covers in arm balancing poses as the symphonic creation of something divine, rhythmic and lovely. ...
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Things You Should Know About Mala Beads- Meanings, Significance and Uses
By : Sunita Choudhary May 23, 2017
Mala beads have been in use by our spiritual leaders and Gurus from time immemorial to feel spirituality, practice meditation and to hymn Mantras. In...
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back injuries
How to Avoid Back Injuries in Yoga
By : Sunita Choudhary May 17, 2017
Yoga heals but any wrong move or the wrong pattern if followed can cause back injuries or back pain. Many cases have come to light...
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10 Awesome Reasons Why Retreats Are Healing Musts
By : Chantal Di Donato April 26, 2017
Ever reached that point when everything around you is falling apart and you need a serious break? Most of us, especially in busy cities with...
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