Things to Consider While Choosing Yoga Teacher Training Center

For any aspiring student, the path towards a career of a Yoga teacher is a path of rigorous training but more than that it is about making a decision and figuring out what path to take to reach towards the goals.  There are many yoga Teacher training centers in the world and the centers are sprawling with ample of choice for the students to opt-in terms of the offerings, and other criteria like location, timing, prices, teachers etc. And this question which program or which training School to select gets very perplexing.

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However, let’s make it simple by taking into consideration following criteria:

The programs should be Yoga Alliance Certified

The Yoga teacher training School programs are governed by the Yoga alliance, USA regulated body. So make sure that you have joined the school which is Yoga Alliance Certified. The certified program ensures that the curriculum is designed as per the standards of Yoga Alliance and consistency is retained in the program. Also, after completing the course, you would receive the Yoga Alliance certificate which would entitle you to become an authorized teacher of yoga and you can teach and spread the knowledge of Yoga to the world.

 You should know what you are learning

Yoga is very vast and so before joining for any program, you should be aware of what in Yoga you want to gain expertise in. This would help you to know what you would be offering to your future students. Any good Yoga institute would guide and counsel you about the program and would help you to choose it. The institute would provide you the lessons and style which best fits your needs. Further, still when you have started learning, your teacher might expect you to follow his teaching style till you have completely gained all the information. This makes it all the more pertinent to make yourself adjustable to their method of teaching.

In case you are not sure the style you would like to adopt, start from something very general and basic and then go on for specialization and get more creative.

Check out for Versatility in Teaching

There are many yoga teacher training programs that follow just one pattern of teaching or one sequence. This is ok if you want to follow the same system but adding versatility in your teaching style would help you to meet your student’s needs.  You need to know how you can modify the asanas as per the different body needs of the students or for students who have history of any illness or suffering from any injury or a pain.  You also need to check whether a woman is pregnant as she has to be treated differently.  This requires thorough training on each aspect of yoga and how different poses can be modified to the benefit of your students.  You also need to be acquainted with the anatomy of the body to get better knowledge about the asanas required for the specific body part.

Make Sure if you would get a Teaching job

There are many Schools and studios that claim to provide guaranteed teaching job after completing the training program. But before that, you need to make sure what would be your career path as paid instructor and would they fulfill their promise.

Can you teach locally, or travel abroad to teach Yoga

This question is very important when you want to build your career. If you want to travel abroad, select a School which has been recognized at the global level and provides training in Yoga in many towns and cities.

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Are the Teachers Experience and Popular 

It is quite natural that you would like to learn from the experienced and popular teacher, so study the profile of the teachers or instructors under whose guidance you would be learning Yoga.  Find out from where these teachers have themselves undertaken their training and how much qualified and experience they have in teaching and most important of all what is their popularity among the students.  Some teachers have created their special place among the students due to their teaching style and their behavior. Getting trained from these teachers’ means you are getting not only teaching but also values which are very much required for being a good teacher.

Rate of the Teacher Training Program

Rates of the programs vary between the different schools and programs and the place, however, it is a quality of the program that matters more than the rate. The quality program no doubt is costly but it is worth an investment as the results you would be getting is incredible.

The Format of the Teacher Training Program

You need to check out the kind of format being followed in the training program that goes with your schedule and whether the program or a format matches your learning style and life or work schedule.  200 hours, 300 hours or 500 hours programs are very popular as they provide comprehensive knowledge and integrate the students well into the yoga way of life. They also provide retreat programs that would take you into the nature to perform yoga for few days and spend time outdoors, away from the busy city life.

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So while choosing any yoga teacher training program take time to decide which program is best meeting your needs and is important for you. And it is quite sure that if you love  Yoga,  you will sure to find  your path and get well trained.

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