Things to Do in a Yoga Class

Yoga practitioners, yoga teacher training students and certified teachers, would understand that each and every class is bound to open new gateways to better body, self image and mental health. Teachers often follow a theme or an idea each time they step up on the stage to teach their students. Even yoga teacher training courses in India, are designed to encourage students to focus on their practice in a systematic manner so as to reap maximum results. Here are some suggestions for those who wish to take their yoga practice to a new level:

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It’s About You 

If you have done a yoga teacher training course in India, you would know the yamas or niyama or yogic principles for practicing asana. One of which says, Asteya or Non-stealing, which requires us to not take, what is not ours. When we are in a yoga class, we often look at others and try to perform poses others are able to, without realizing our own capacity. But yoga is not about competition instead it is a way for forging a better practitioner day after day. This is your time spend it without comparing.

Yoga is Like Meditation 

Just as Meditation requires us to focus on our thoughts and stay where we are, Yoga demands the same from us. We should ideally be fixated on our practice by being present in the moment. As soon as your thoughts drift away, you should bring it back to the posture in question and perform it with your full capacity.

 Intention is Important

We all have heard, where our intention goes, consciousness follows and blood flow increases. When we say, intent wisely, we mean energetically, when we intent to do something our thoughts reach the location before the action and start working deeply. Therefore, a positive intention before starting a yoga class, will help you reach your goals sooner.

 The Flow of Breath

One cannot emphasis enough upon the relevance of breath both in our daily lives as well as a yoga class.  Yoga teacher training courses in India often conduct special pranayama classes to elaborate on the importance of breathing. It is said that in a yoga class, the breath should follow the pose, in order to reap maximum benefit from the asanas being conducted.

A yoga class is not just about physical performance of the pose. It also cover aspects like breath, gaze, focus, self image and many other things. To truly understand how a yoga class should ideally be conducted or taken, a yoga teacher training course in India should be taken up.

Akshi Yogshala: A Certified School located in the yoga capital of the world, Akshi Yogshala has a big campus overlooking the Himalayan range. A refreshing stay away from the city life, the school offers multiple courses in yoga teacher training course and small yoga holidays in form of yoga retreats. The certified teachers of the school, specialize in Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Human Anatomy and Pranayama.

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