Things to Know Before You Start a Yoga Teacher Training Course

The excitement of enrolling for a yoga teacher training course is known to most of us reading this article. A through research on the school whether it is in India or Bali is a must and may be you have already visited a few website too. When we think of Yoga Teacher Training, India is the most common option that occurs to us. The zeal and enthusiasm is on a high once we get ourselves registered with one of the certified yoga teacher training schools. But sometime we might assume or expect more than what might unfold in front of us. The course can be challenging, exhausting and intensive, which we might not weigh initially. With so much information flying around you, it might take a while for you to wrap your mind around the whole course.

In the midst of all the expectations, confusions and learning processes, we often find ourselves lost in the whole transit phase of a Yoga teacher training programme. Here are a few things you need to know before you start this great opportunity:

yoga teacher training

Not a Child’s Play

When we take a class at our favourite studio and look at the teachers, we are total in awe of them. They might be the real inspiration to start of the yttc. For example teachers at Akshi Yogshala in Rishikesh are a real inspiration to many. But being in an inverted pose and talking loudly, describing each and every step is not going to be easy. Demonstrations are necessary and while you are describing the posture like hand stand or head stand, it is a challenge through and through. The smile, pose, voice all should be in line.

The Good Factor

When we enrol ourselves we feel we would learn new things, understand new philosophies and perform the asanas we see in the images or performed by the super model bodied teacher. Although the yttc would be a great way of learning new asanas and ways of Pranayama, you cannot get hold of all them in 4 or 6 weeks. Needless to say, yoga is like any other art and practice makes a man perfect. So if you are hoping you will be able to master the head stand or hand stand or lotus pose, well, you might start of in the right direction but the destination is a lot of practice away.

Everything is Unreal

The Yoga teacher training course is not just about yoga but about spiritually enlightening oneself. From yoga philosophy to meditation, the journey inward would lead you to question almost everything you do in your life. That is the nature of the spiritual journey. Major breakthrough, epiphanies and enlightenment would occur at this time. The fellow mates and teacher of the school would teach you so much about life, which is not understood otherwise.

So all the prospective teacher training students, the journey of life is about to flip and offer you many new dimensions. Be prepared for the new twists and turns.

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