To New Teacher- This is what you are doing wrong

So you have finally got your Yoga Teacher Training Certificationand with so much information floating in your head, you are all geared up to kick start a new path. The positivity, enthusiasm will surely help a new teacher to take off well but the main issue breaks open in the middle of the flight. Turbulence can occur and cause the passengers in your flight to jump off in the middle, never to board again. Such turbulences can occur in any professional’s career but a new one is more likely to encounter them. So what is the way to break free from this vicious circle? While nothing can beat experience but if certain points are kept handy, it can cover up for maximum risk.

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Here are some important points all new yoga teachers should refer to every now and then:

Bust the ego

Being on the other side of the table is not an easy job. People will look with questioning eyes. The answer to which can only be genuine teaching. In a class there would be times when the students would not want to do a certain posture, would stop in middle of the posture or would make faces on hearing names of some. But all that is natural. It is not that they do not want to follow what you are mentioning, it is just that they are not in a position to. So send your ego on vacation each time you enter the class.

It is not about you

When students come to a yoga class, the reason for them to be there is that they want to feel good about themselves and about life in general. They are there for an experience. While a teacher might feel that they are being observed but a student is usually lost in the forest of doubts and complexes. He is reposing his trust in you, as he feel you can lead him to that doorway.

We all make mistakes

A consuming form, yoga is a field where one can lose themselves. While the students are enjoying their space on the mat, the teachers too are enjoying their space. In such a scenario, it is only human to err. Mixing your lefts and rights, names of the asanas or even their benefits is okay! Do not be so hard on yourself. We all are learning.

Silence is golden

There would be times when silence would creep in a yoga class. But in a meditative class where the body is the temple and soul- the god, it is okay to experience silence. Give your students an opportunity to experience silence. This would allow them to go inward and feel their internal mind. If the teacher keeps on talking, it becomes impossible for the student to truly journey inside.

Student forever

You have become a teacher, great! Your students love your classes, great. But do you remember the teaching of yoga about Swadhaya? Self study is the only way out of the long journey yoga poses. While one is teaching a wide range of students, the path of learning is always available and it is a teacher’s responsibility to keep learning and sharing the same in their classes.

These are just suggestions and not rules. While preaching can be many, there is no one way to unlock the doorway of knowledge. So formulate your own rules but remember rigidness is another word for downfall. Keep it flexi!

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