What to Look for in a Yoga Teacher Training School?

The post modern era have seen the upsurge of Yoga practice and millions are moving the way of this healing science. Each and every location has yoga teacher training courses to offer and even your neighborhood would have a few yoga teacher training schools. From a big pool of schools and teachers, it becomes difficult to pick and choose the right one for oneself. A thorough analysis is a must & it goes without saying but there are multiple other parameters on which a school should be measured. After all, the life altering course of yoga definitely requires a strong background of research.

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Here are certain parameters on which you must weigh the school you are opting for:

Class size

Defining your understanding of yoga, this course will be your foundation. It is a general known fact that a smaller group definitely allows greater exposure in comparison to a larger group. The teachers and mentors get a chance to develop a personal understanding with each and every student if the class size is small. While you are considering school, ask the basic question of how many students do they have in one class. The ideal amount of student is not more than 12-15.

Affiliation is a must

Each and every school these days is a registered one but the fact remains that obvious not so obvious always. It is best to check the affiliation certification of the school. Also, it is always better to get into a school taken up by a friend or acquaintance previously, as this would allow you to know the school better. Sometimes, a school may brag of affiliation but may not hold the affiliation for real. Akshi Yogashala, is one of the most authentic and a certified school, an RYS with Yoga Alliance, USA and offers certification to students as well.

History is important

Although the journey of a thousand mile begins with the first step, it is significant that you opt for a yoga school with prior experience. As an experienced school usually learns from their past experiences and constantly endeavours to improve. An established name is a safer bet than a new bee as they may have less competent staff or lack the modern day facilities you need during your stay with the school. Another thing to keep in mind is the commercial aspect. The school should be traditional and not focused on commercialization.


The course curriculum should be examined in depth as it is necessary for you to know the kinds of yoga you would be taught. There are times where you would be looking forward to learn a particular style but your school is not offering the same. A robust, dynamic and adjusting curriculum is what would suit a new bee as a yoga teacher training course can be exhausting and draining. Also more than one style of yoga should be taught, so that you gain exposure in multiple fields and compare for yourself. Usually Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga should be included in the course for sure.

Apart from all this, do check the course length and whether they would give you teaching sessions too, as this is must. Rest follow your heart and opt for a school that matches your requirement in the best suited manner.

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