Yoga for Respiratory Issues

The most important system in the body, our Respiratory System, regulates the Prana Vayu or vital energy force. The lungs, nose, mouth, sinuses and the nasal passage all form a part of this system and grants us with the ability to regulate the oxygen level in the body. With the prevalence high pollution, allergens and stress in our society, experiencing respiratory issues can be a common cause of difficulty. Intruding the smooth functioning of the body, they can lead to watery eyes, difficulty in breathing, cough, throat infection, clogged nostril passage, etc.

Here are some Yoga Poses for Respiratory Problems that can be incorporated into your everyday routine to combat these illnesses.

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1. Easy pose with Deep breathing

A pose used to relax and calm the mind, by simply sitting in easy pose with eyes closed and deep breathing, a deeper state of relaxation can be achieved. Focus on your breathing and as you breathe in and out, lose yourself in the process of respiration.

2. Corpse Pose

Practiced before or after a yoga routine, corpse pose can be performed anytime difficulty in breathing is experienced. Come in a lying down position and loose your mind in the beauty of this simple yet effective pose. Calming the sense, corpse pose rejuvenates the energy levels as well.

3. Butterfly pose

An anytime pose, it stretches the hip joint, opens the back and relaxes the practitioner by creating a direct channel between the chakras. Emotionally balancing the body, it helps in comfortable breathing by creating space in the body.

4. Forward bend pose

Directed to benefit not one, but multiple parts of the body, one can hope to stretch the back, hands and shoulders, opens the thighs and lungs. Practicing this pose also eliminates stress as the blood flow to the brain increases.

5. Bridge Pose

Opening up the heart chakra, and strengthening back and shoulder muscles, Bridge pose, bridges the gap between a healthy mind in a fit body. Opening up the lungs, one can expect to feel air freely  moving in out of the system by regularly practicing this pose.

6. Alternate Nostril Breathing

Pranayama is the key to create a healthy breathing practice and unclog any passages or areas in the body. The breathing exercise regulates the mind by calming the senses, creating a sense of harmony. Sit in the easy pace and practice this pranayama to clear nasal passages and breathe in, to your full capacity.

7. Bee’s Breathing

Making a humming bee sound with your mouth while closing your eyes and ears, can have far reaching benefits. Increasing the levels of oxygen in the body, it also enhances the concentration level while balancing the energy systems in the body.

These and many more poses are teaching in Akshi Yogashala by our traditional yogis for overcoming Respiratory Problems.

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