Yoga mudras for preventing Hairfall

Yoga Mudras for Hair Growth and Prevent Hair Fall

It is within the human’s capacity to get the healthy hair with the only condition you have to take out few minutes for yourself every day. These few minutes of your invested time can become a lifelong asset for us.

Your hands can become a drugless therapy for you, when you get them in the form of Mudras. These Mudras are highly proven methods for the cure and prevention of many ailments including hair loss. Here I will reveal to you how with simple Mudras the hair fall can become very less.

You can do many kinds of Mudras with your hands with each gives many beneficial effects. These are five best Mudras for you:

1. Prithvi Mudra: This Mudra increases the earth element and decreases fire element of the body giving many beneficial effects including strengthening the tissues of the body and the reducing body temperature. You can do this mudra anytime of the day. Join the tip of the thumb with the ring finger and keep other fingers straight and remain in this pose for 30 -40 minutes.

2. Prana Mudra or Kapha Karak Mudra: This mudra builds the earth element of the body and increases Kapha humor. By regularly doing this pose, the hair roots get strong and long. This mudra should be performed by sitting in a Padma Asana or Lotus pose or by standing straight in the Mountain Poseor Tada Asana. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Touch the tips of your ring finger and little finger together to your thumb. The other fingers should be kept straight. Remain in this mudra for 15- 30 minute and feel the emergence of the life force.

3. Vayu Mudra: This Mudra decreases the Vayu element in the body giving many health benefits. As anxious and restless mind also causes hair fall, this mudra calms your mind and nervous system which in turn gives you lustrous hair growth. Place the tip of the index finger on the base of the thumb to form Vayu mudra. Remain in this position for 15 to 30 minutes and see the difference.

4. Prasanna Mudra: Bring your hands near the chest and rub the nails of the four fingers with each other. Do this practice for 5 to 10 minutes every day for 30 days. Remember to keep your thumbs straight. By regularly doing this pose, you are assured of strong and lustrous hair.

5. Kapha Naashak Mudra: This mudra should be done for thirty minutes every day. Bring the tip of the ring finger and the little finger towards the base of the thumb, while keeping other fingers straight. This mudra is very useful for the treatment of the coldness of skin or hair and many other winter related problems like dryness of the skin, absent of scanty perspiration, loss of appetite etc.

These are some of the five best Mudras which do not require efforts but only your time. So when you get up early morning, open your windows to allow fresh air come in your room. Sit in a resting position, close your eyes and start with the pose in which you feel comfortable.

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