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    Join our Yoga Teacher Training Programs in the birthplace of Yoga to deepen your practice and become a Yoga Teacher certified by Yoga Alliance.


    Deepen your practice and be transformed in the birthplace of Yoga with our certified teacher training courses.

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    Whether you want to advance your career as a Yoga teacher, or simply deepen your personal practice, We offer transformational teacher training courses in the birthplace of Yoga.

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    Learn from master Gurus and be transformed in the birthplace of yoga with our certified teacher training courses.


Pokhara, Nepal – The Land of Himalayas

Nepal is a paradise of myths and mountains, Himalayas and history, Yaks and yetis, caste and culture, magic and mantras, festivals and fairy tales. The highest Himalayan ranges of the world wraps and protects the Himalayan lifestyle and culture. Nepal is a land where Lord Buddha was born and Buddhism was spread throughout the world from this very epicenter.

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The Chakras are the psychic-energy center of The Human Body

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200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Dates :- 5th April to 2nd May, 5th May to 2nd June,
5th September to 2nd October, 5th October to 2nd November
Fees :- $1650 (Shared) & $1850 (Private)

7 Day Retreat in Himalayas Nepal

Dates :- 5th April to 2nd June, 5th September to 2nd November

Fees :- $500 (Shared) & $700 (Private)


Excursion & Celebration

At Akshi we celebrate Festivals, Special Commemorative Days Like Women’s Day, New Year,  etc and conducts weekly excursions. Excursions are organized to have students experience their surroundings and get acquainted with the culture and landscape. Students will visit Himalayan Caves, do Ceremony in Ganga and will see an Great Architect of a temple. The excursion costs are included in the School Fees. We believe this the great way for socializing and learning the Indian Culture.

RYT Certifications

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We are among the oldest Ashrams/Institutes which has been teaching Yoga, Ayurveda and Pranayams. Our Work, Our Daily life and Our Teachings are fully based on Yoga Principals. We give Yoga Teacher Certifications under following Categories:

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