The Story of Two Yogi’s

A person who does anything that he does to at most perfection, without being involved in its materialistic aspects and benefits is called a Yogi. However, since it is very difficult for a person to attain such a state, principled ways like vaanaprastham, sanyaasam have been suggested, to train a person to be detached from the materialistic world. The following story shows the importance in maintaining the central idea of vairaagyam ( In vairaagyam all karma is done but without expecting anything in return, without being involved in the materialistic aspects of karma.).

Once upon a time, there was a sanyaasi. He used to visit all the kingdoms and used to preach the people “for attaining moksham one needs to give away everything he owns. He should not have any vyamoham or desire on anything. He should not think of the next minute. He should not store anything for future. He should not tell who he is to anyone and should do dhyaanam with peace and no desire. Then he can achieve moksham”. The preachings of the sanyaasi were all very good, however, were very difficult for people to understand. One day Magadha King was inspired by the teachings of the sanyaasi. He gave away his kingdom and went to the forest for daiva-dhyaanam. In the same manner, Kaambhoja King was also inspired and went to the forest for daiva-dhyaanam. He also had given away everything he had.


Both the kings met each other in the forests, but they did not tell to each other that they were kings. They both used to go for bhiksha for their food. According to the rules, they used to eat the food that day itself without storing it for future. One day, they got only ganji (rice starch or rice soup). Kambhoja King commented to Magadha King that it would be better if there was some salt for the taste. Then the Magadha King told that he had some. The Kambhoja King questioned him “where did u get the salt from?”. The Magadha King replied that he had picked small amount of it from the vindu bhojanam to which he was called. He had taken some with him in case he needed in the journey. Then the Kaambhoja King told Magadha King that he has given his whole empire but was unable to keep up the rule that they should not store anything for future. The Magadha King replied that Kambhoja King who also left his kingdom with ease was not able to control his taste. Both were shocked realizing that they broke the rules.

They then realized the true meaning in the teachings of the sanyaasi and returned to their duties as kings and ruled with love, peace and harmony. But because of the learning from the forest, they were never involved in the bhogas of a king and were totally detached. They got the unattainable moksham in the end.


Moral of the Story:-There is no need to go to the forest and to do the daiva-dhyaanam for moksham. One can achieve it while doing all his duties but being a viraagi. In words of Krishna, “He who does his duty without expecting the fruit of action is sanyasi and yogi both, and not the one who has simply renounced the fire or given up all activity.”

References :- This story is taken from ” Moral Stories – A Tribute to Great Bharatiya Samskruti “.

The Story of Two Yogi’s
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