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Natalie Armitage
United Kingdom
I learnt about the ancient philosophy and scripture that is always missing in western organizations. I especially liked the classes of pranayama. I appreciated having all traditional and experienced teacher. Discipline was good. Food was delicious every single day. Cooking class was fun. Yoga room was beautiful. Rooms were pleasant and nice. Excursion were fun. Kid’s yoga session were fantastic. Overall it’s been amazing journey and learnt a lot. I am very happy and excited to continue my journey..om..

Joseph Colfer
United Kingdom
I learnt about the ancient philosophy and scripture that is always missing in western organizations. I especially liked the classes of pranayama. I appreciated having all traditional and experienced teacher. Discipline was good. Food was delicious every single day. Cooking class was fun. Yoga room was beautiful. Rooms were pleasant and nice. Excursion were fun. Kid’s yoga session were fantastic. Overall it’s been amazing journey and learnt a lot. I am very happy and excited to continue my journey..om..

Dennis Van De Pol
This course is been really beneficial for me mostly because of the teachers and everyone who is involved in this course. I think that the mix of the teachers and their teaching was great. All the teachers were knowledgeable and it was very pleasant to learn from them. I got something useful out off each and every class. Food was excellent. Accommodation and stay was good. Overall I think that this course have given me a solid foundation my self practice. I am very happy with my experience..om. Namaste

Hanna Tschop
Most valuable thing I found about the course was authentic teaching and great teachers. All the topics in classes were interesting and made a lot sense to me. I am very happy with the yoga and study material we have been provided, it was very helpful. Accommodation was great. Room was nice and clean. Yoga hall was managed and nearby rooms. Excursions were amazing. Food was great with variations. all akshi members were very friendly and supportive. Overall it’s been a very interesting and amazing journey for me. Thank you everyone..

Saito Azusa
All the teachers were very passionate towards their teaching. All of them are very knowledgeable and put their passion in their teaching. I liked all the classes. Accommodation was comfortable and nice. Food was amazing, staff was kind and helpful. Excursion were very nice. Overall I am very satisfied with my experience and learnings. Thank you

Chahna Taylor
All the teachers were extremely knowledgeable in their area of expertise. All of the classes were interesting and related to yoga. All the teachers were kind and helpful. Staff was amazing and super friendly. Food was lovely and delicious. Accommodation was nice. Excursion were awesome. Practice room was nice and well stocked with yoga equipment. Study material provided was very helpful. I just loved every class. Overall I am so happy that I chose to do my yoga teacher training with akshi yogashala. The knowledge that I have gained is so precious to me because of the amazing experience I had. Thank you again. I am so grateful and thankful.

All classes were very interesting. I particularly liked the classes of pranayama and philosophy most. I learned a lot from these classes. My knowledge about yoga have grown a lot. Rooms were comfortable and with proper western facilities, I really appreciate that. Food was delicious, I am very thankful to staff too, staff was very helpful and kind. Kids yoga science, science of breathing were fantastic, it was a pleasant surprise for me. Hats off to all the teachers. Material provided was very helpful during the classes. Location of the school is very convenience, I am glad it was not a very busy, noisy area. Overall it has been a wonderful experience for me. I am thankful and grateful.

Rosella Camarena
Teachers and their teaching were amazing. Teachers were very authentic and full of knowledge. I gained a lot of practical knowledge and information in classes. Staff was great and helpful. Stay was clean. Facilities were given to make our stay comfortable. It’s been amazing journey of spirituality and learning. I am thankful and grateful. Om.

Eve newton
United Kingdom
Most useful thing I found about the course was authentic and passionate teaching. I learned a lot of different things, kid’s yoga sessions were interesting, and it was a good addition. The excursion were great and full of fun. Accommodation was good, room was nice clean and with good space. Food was good, staff was very coordinating and helpful. Overall course was great. I will recommend it to my friends. I am very happy and proud with the teachings… thank you..om

Sarah Ehab
Thank you, so much for the life changing experience. I really learned a lot from everyone in past month which changed me internally and externally as well. The astanga teacher was perfect and meditation as well. Stay was very nice, staff was very helpful and friendly. I am thankful to my teachers for making me discover a lot of things within me which I never knew.i am part of a big international family. I made some great friends.. Thank you again. Love and light to all…

Julia martin
United Kingdom
Teaching were great with good approach and a lot of knowledge. I liked the intense practice of asana everyday as well as philosophy. Schedule was perfect we had sufficient break time in between classes. I am happy with the study material provided by school, course material provided was a good introduction to yogic life. Stay was amazing, food was great. I loved that we had excursion every week and that also with accommodation and food included. I loved the course and the people around during the course. Thank you..

Nathalie Brier
All teachers are rightly skilled in their subject and very holding very inspiring personalities. Enjoyed all the classes. The classes schedule was well balanced and all subjects were very helpful. Personally I enjoyed pranayama, meditation, astanga, philosophy, and all the other classes too. The stay was nice and food was very tasty. Dynamic meditation was special part of meditation practices. It was an inspiring month for me. Thanks to my teachers. Om.

Teachers were very professional, inspiring and motivational. It’s a pleasure to learn from the teachers with such experience and devotion, were very helpful. I liked the diversity of subject we learn. The reference of the chosen subject. I mostly liked philosophy, yoganidra, hatha, astanga and Ayurveda. I loved good approach for the asana practices. I also came to know that the final objective is to reach higher state of consciousness. The place which was chosen was great, comfortable and relax environment. Food was yummy and healthy. I am very satisfied and happy with my teacher training course. Om

I found the classes of astanga and philosophy the most interesting part of the course. All the teachers were with a lot of positive energy. Incredible meditation classes were very creative and interesting. I loved the classes conducted in rooftop and excursion were fun. Intense practice motivated me to continue my practice even after course. Stay was great, friendly staff and safe atmosphere. I am blessed to be part of training and all learnings. Om.

I loved teachers with passion and completeness. I liked the challenging physical practice. I enjoyed a lot hatha, astanga, pranayama and meditation. I found classes of philosophy, physiology, anatomy and mantra very useful too. Shatkarma was a very interesting and new practice for me. It was a good balance of theory and practical classes. The stay was good. Everyday food was great. I learnt a lot of things. I am thankful to masters for sharing their knowledge. Om.

Johannes wolf
I loved teachers with passion and completeness. I liked the challenging physical practice. I enjoyed a lot hatha, astanga, pranayama and meditation. I found classes of philosophy, physiology, anatomy and mantra very useful too. Shatkarma was a very interesting and new practice for me. It was a good balance of theory and practical classes. The stay was good. Everyday food was great. I learnt a lot of things. I am thankful to masters for sharing their knowledge. Om.

Heidar cogi eliasson
I loved it. I think it’s really great to have such positive teachers around. I liked all the classes and teachers. I mostly loved astanga, philosophy and mantra classes. I have nothing but positive things to say about them. I am thankful to teachers for being humble and positive in the classes. Asana classes were explosion of positive energy, class room was filled with positive and energetic atmosphere during practice. I enjoy the course at its best. Stay and food was good. I loved all the excursion and the activities. Thank you akshi yogashala for this wonderful journey…Om...

Joline Rodermans
For me the course has been a life changing experience. The course definitely helped me to get control over my emotions, my mind and body. It made me realize there is some sort of peace within myself. I am grateful to my teachers for making me realize thank. I am excited to continue my yogic lifestyle back at my home. What I practically like were astanga and meditation. It’s amazing to know another prospective of life. I am thankful to teacher for all the knowledge and positive approach. It’s been a life changing experience for me. Thank you akshi yogashala.om

Hugo Silva
Teaching was very professional, I like all the teachers for bringing up something new all the time. I loved all the classes.Teachers were always available to answer questions. I also like the mix of philosophical and practical classes. I also enjoyed stay, accommodation was good. Food was very delicious. Staff was impressive and helpful whenever there was some issue. Overall it was a great experience for me….

Teaching was very professional, I like all the teachers for bringing up something new all the time. I loved all the classes.Teachers were always available to answer questions. I also like the mix of philosophical and practical classes. I also enjoyed stay, accommodation was good. Food was very delicious. Staff was impressive and helpful whenever there was some issue. Overall it was a great experience for me….

Ola Piwonska
United Kingdom
I loved all the classes and teacher for their inspiring teaching style. I liked the structure of classes and perfect size of group. Accommodation was good with big rooms and nice, specious yoga hall. Atmosphere was relaxed. I also appreciate the birthday celebration organized by school, it was fun. Food was delicious and healthy, staff was friendly and supportive all the time. Its been a inspiring journey for me.om.

Ariane Leposa
I mostly liked the classes of pranayama, philosophy, and mantra. I liked the practical classes also. All the teachers had excellent knowledge of their subject. Accommodation was good, clean rooms and friendly environment. Structure of classes and schedule was good, we had a perfect amount of free time in our schedule. Food was excellent.Staff was super friendly and helpful. It have been an amazing journey. Om.

Jo Tabor
United Kingdom
I am very happy with all the classes but I especially liked the classes of anatomy and philosophy, with question always answered in a lot of detail. Astanga was great too, teacher helped student to grow as a good practitioner. Teachers were punctual, pranayama was powerful and amazing. Excursion were full of fun and excitement. Staff was always helpful and friendly whenever there was a question. Accommodation was good, food was excellent. It has been a great month and amazing journey.namaste.

Lucy Atkinson
United Kingdom
Pranayama is the most useful aspect of the course for me, I feel enthusiastic to adopt pranayama into my daily life and now I came to know the importance of it in our life. I did enjoyed the morning hatha class it was a good way to start your day. I also enjoyed mantra and meditation very much, structure of astanga classes was very nice, and teacher also explained everything very nicely in class. Philosophy and anatomy classes really opened my eyes to look at my body in a different way. Also gained the knowledge of alignment here. Accommodation was great, room was clean with good space and like the location of akshi. Really good communication with teachers and staff. Food was amazing throughout the month. I am also thankful to lovely staff from kitchen and reception for being so helpful. It has been an amazing and life changing journey for me. And I am thankful to my each teacher for it…Namaste..om

Hemanta Das
I liked all the classes and teachers with their unique style of teaching. I mostly liked the classes of anatomy and pranayama classes. I also enjoyed the practical classes, I found very friendly atmosphere in campus. Food was very good, staff was very helpful and friendly, and all the facilities were provided which we needed. Accommodation was clean and pleasant. I feel like at home. I also came to know some new meditation and pranayama practices which will help me to grow as a practitioner. It’s been an a great month full of learning. Namaste .

April Smaradottir
The most useful and amazing part of the training have been astanga and pranayama practices for me. I also loved the other theory classes too. Pranayama, anatomy, mantra and the philosophy classes were amazing too. All the teacher were magnificent with their teachings, schedule planning and organization was perfect, staff was very helpful, and excursion were good and exciting. Communication was also great. Good food and clean accommodation. It’s been a great month with great peoples around, taking a lot of knowledge and sweet memories with me. Thank you.

Roland leggiat
Most useful things of this course have been the pranayama and asana for me. It’s been a great learning experience for me, Pandey ji and vikas had a health of knowledge regarding the practices. Relax learning environment has been a positive point of the place. Clean accommodation and healthy environment was great for practice. Food was good and healthy, loved it. Very friendly staff was always around to look after you. Overall it’s been an amazing journey, I am felling blessed to be a part of it.

Matilda hedman
My whole experience was really good. All the teachers are amazing in their respective subjects. All of them are very understanding and supportive. Staff is very good. Food is delectable and nutritious. Accommodation was excellent too. I am going back with a bag full of happy memories, great knowledge from my teachers and a heart full of gratitude. I am very blessed to be a part of the course full of amazing people from all over the world. Namaste.

My whole experience was really good. All the teachers are amazing in their respective subjects. All of them are very understanding and supportive. Staff is very good. Food is delectable and nutritious. Accommodation was excellent too. I am going back with a bag full of happy memories, great knowledge from my teachers and a heart full of gratitude. I am very blessed to be a part of the course full of amazing people from all over the world. Namaste.

Sandra Romero ferron
All the classes have been wonderful especially pranayama, it has been incredible to attend their classes and get to know about pranayama in deep level, asana teachers were very professional ,knowledgeable, and passionate, all the theoretical classes were interesting and got something new to know in each class. Balance between practical and theoretical was great. Everything has been very balanced. Accommodation has been wonderful and I felt like staying at home, its been a like a beautiful family, everybody has respect and affection for each other, I am very grateful for food everyday, I like the taste and variation in food.Its been a lovely journey for me. It was an eye opening experience..namaste…

Alisha Conrad
I really liked all of my teachers, I thought that they were all nice, easy to connect with and very helpful. What I liked most was how comfortable teachers made me feel comfortable they made me feel so I could always ask them questions any question and liked also how our hatha, astanga, meditation and pranayama teachers deepen my practice and made me practice further, I liked how easy was it to understand our lecture classes of anatomy, philosophy and Ayurveda. Food was very nice and was full of variations, I was very comfortable with my stay, and staff was very helpful and kind. It was an amazing experience for me…thank you..namastey

Kailee Odell
All of my teachers were very passionate about their subjects which was really great, asana teachers were very respective about us which I really appreciate. Vivek ji made classes very interesting and is an excellent teacher, tanu is a wonderful meditation teacher. I loved the Ayurveda and mantra was mine favorite. Balance of lecture and theoretical classes was amazing, the rotation of lecture and physical classes was very good. The rooms were comfortable and clean, the location of school is incrediblestaff was very helpful ready to help in any situation, everyone is extremely understanding and helpful, I am really happy to have studied in Akshi yogashala. Food was really good from the beginning to last. Every class was useful in its own way. I had an amazing experience at akshi yogashala….om…Namaste…

Pradeep Rakkar
Classes were very good. I liked the way they were broken down and eventually they all connected with the information from each topic. All the teachers were very good, balance between lecture and practical was amazing. It was well balanced. Overall stay at akshi was good, staff were all friendly and accommodating. Food was totally tasty, and was full of variations.

Andras Demeter
Pranayama was my favorite, anatomy and meditation also been interesting subject for me, Alignment and adjustment was very professional. The morning and evening practical classes were very comfortable. All the teachers are very knowledgeable about their subject, they always have been helpful during the course, were always ready to fulfil the needs of students. It was a well balance of practical and theoretical classes.It was good mixture of physical and mental activities. Accommodation and hospitality of staff was amazing. Food was excellent and I felt that kitchen staff was very dedicated to provide us tasty food and was helpful all the time with our special requests. The system for pranayama practice clearly given us inspiration. as a yoga seeker I found it a precious thing. Am very with my stay and learning with akshi facilities. I am thankful and grateful to everyone at akshi. Om.

Juan Carlos
I think all the teachers are pretty good, each of them has their own style of teaching. My favorite was hatha and pranayama, although I really liked everything, I think teachers with good teaching method makes us to feel more interested about what they teaching, I wish I could spend more time at akshi. It was the perfect balance between practical and theory classes according to the capacity level of students. My stay was good, I felt very comfortable. Food was very delicious and healthy, I was very comfortable with everything at school. It was a wonderful journey. Namaste.om

Paloma Ivanovo
I very much enjoyed the hatha yoga and ashtanga classes, these are the most useful things I found about course. It was very well develop program with quality teachers, they were amazing finally learnt the right alignment of the asana, I absolutely adore the meditation mostly because of the kind and knowledgeable teacher sandeep ji.. Teaching was much more interesting than I expect. The schedule was perfect and everything was well on time. Food was healthy and delicious. The staff is amazing, extremely helpful and always ready to help. It was a heartwarming experience. You have really put a great effort and I really appreciate it. I am also thankful for Christmas celebration and your hospitality. It was an amazing experience for me…thank you very much…

Karin Henriksson
The most useful thing I found about the course was the profound dedication of the teachers toward their topic of teaching. That way was very good and Inspiring .especially pandey ji was inspiring, all the teachers explained the topic very lively, also the balance between theoretical and practical classes I found very impressive. Overall stay was good, I am very happy to choose this school as a yoga seeker; food was simple and healthy, staff was very helpful and kind, I really appreciate that. It was very interesting experience for me, and I am very thankful to everyone…thank you

Joanne Sorenson
The pranayama teaching was most useful and beneficial, personally and professionally. I also enjoyed learning about the yogic life style, history of yogic science. The whole hindu culture has been meaningful to my personal and spiritual growth. I also improved the discipline of yoga and skills of the asana with support of my masters. The food was mine favorite part of the day because it was good and delicious. I really enjoyed it. Overall I would say this has been a professional experience for me on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I will be forever grateful for this amazing experience..

Magda mos
1. I loved all the classes though but I personally found the classes of philosophy and meditation most useful part of teaching. All of the teachers were very knowledgeable and they had a unique style of teaching. I loved the understanding and clean teaching of yoga, and that was very helpful to realize your own way of doing yoga. I also found a effective balance of theory and practical classes, my accommodation and stay was good. Food was excellent. It has been an amazing experience for me. I am very happy with overall stay and teachings…hariom…

Tarun Sharma
I loved the interest that teacher had while teaching and explaining the topic of their teaching. Dedication of teachers towards students and the classes is the thing which really amazed me. Teaching was excellent. This month has been great for me and most credit goes to wonderful teachers and lovely people around akshi yogashala. Balance between lecture and practical classes was perfect, everything was very well explained and clear which makes it a lot easier for us. It was wonderful experience of staying at akshi. I enjoyed food which was full of verities, each and everything I learnt now makes more sense to me. I had an amazing experience, it was full of knowledge and love….thank you.

Maya Griffin
My stay at akshi yogshala was good, room I got to stay was nice clean and comfortable. food at the akshi was yummy and healthy, it was good selection of food with a lot of varieties at the same time, I really did enjoyed food. I am also very much satisfied with the teachings and classes, all the teacher are very knowledgeable and are always ready to answer question asked by student even after classes, I am happy with all the teachers. Staff of akshi was very helpful and ready to help all the time. Overall stay at the akshi was good, also got a lot of things to learn, it was a challenging practice atmosphere but I enjoyed it at the same time. It was a great experience.

Sarah Williams
Room was nice and clean, yoga hall was also perfect, it has enough space for everyone. food was healthy and delicious, also it is my first experience to have such Indian ayurvedic food every day, all I want to say that it is a very nice setup of menu for us according to weather and the training, it was good to keep the menu ayurvedic and traditional Indian food, I just love the culture of food. I am very happy with all kind of study and practice, it was exactly what I was looking for as a yoga seeker, I also came to know that yoga is not about asana only, I am also grateful for the study material provided by school, I really appreciate it. It was perfect for me as well as teachers are concerned, they have their own style of teaching and teachers were full of knowledge. Other staff was very kind and helpful all the time. I am glad that I choose this place for my practice and study, at the end I am very happy to be here, I had an amazing experience here… thank you for everything….

Mayra Hesselink
I Really enjoyed the curriculum and variety of classes. The teachers were good and knew allot about their topic. Especially, Ashtanga Classes, Anatomy and Philosophy classes were very interesting.
Food was good, tasty and good variety. My accommodation was good. In Teaching, I got everything I needed. Sandeep is very insightful and interesting could listen him for hours. Ashish is extremely passionate. I really got a lot of out of his ashtanga classes. Has the best yoga teacher I have had. Vikas is a good and knowledgeable teacher. Vivek is a very smart man. I got allot out of his classes. Tanu is also very kind and helpful. I loved my experience, i feel very confident now with enough knowledge to go out and teach successfully. Staff was great. Food was great.

Half a year ago, I figured out that wanted to do some yoga teacher training. I googled my way and found bookyogaretreat.com . My points of criteria were place, price, testimonials and teachers. My doubt choice were between 2 schools and the result is now ending the course at Akshi Yogashala. There are always expectations and wishes on for hand by giving feedback. You can express feelings towards your experience. I can create a whole story about it, out just want it to keep it briefly. I have learned a lot and that’s one of my main purpose here learning comes with teaching, group and interaction. I just going to mention my experience in points..
- Good Food
- Beautiful location
- Great teachers
- Airy and clean rooms
- Good Wi-Fi Connection

Leonardo Cordero
The most useful things I found about training were classes on meditation on yog nidra and pranayama, through that we came to know how important is breathing in yoga, I think adjustment&alignment and yogic philosophy are also the most useful things we could learn here. Teaching was good, all the teachers have some special qualities, all of them brought something special to the course, and they were friendly and patient and also had a love for traditional yoga. Their personalities suites their teachings and roles perfectly, swami atma made us feel to have faith towards authentic yogic style, I thing the all teacher were good. I feel it was a good balance of lecture and experiential learning, and I am especially very satisfied with it. The course was brilliant stay was clean and comfortable, the food was simply good and delicious, I enjoyed food and specially fruits in breakfast. I had a worth having akshi as my yoga school and also had great experience. Thank you for everything.

Charlotte Irvine
New Zealand
I found most useful thing about training was all the practical classes and theory classes are also useful at their own. The teachers are also very skilled in what they share with us, they made themselves available to us when we needed support. They were with us on extra curriculum activities and were sharing knowledge with us, all the teachers brought some interesting element into my learning journey here, each teacher taught with great skill, communication and planning, mostly everything moved really well, and I enjoyed every class, I am using their skills to improve my yoga journey now and in future. It was great and I think the class and timetable is very well with great balance between practical and theoretical classes. it set out great according to yogic lifestyle and requirements of certain classes, it was a nice place to stay, rooms were comfortable and has everything I needed. Food was delicious and specially breakfast was mine favorite, food was vegan, healthy and nutritious ayurvedic food, it was truly a magical experience and I enjoyed every moment of it, and I am thankful to everyone for such beautiful experience…..

Bridgette wimbleduff
Most useful thing about the training was the classes of mantra and pranayama also the complete learning the complete astanga series, and the meditation techniques, philosophy with swami atma was amazing. The teacher were awesome, all positive feedback for them all. I enjoyed the challenging atmosphere and the way I challenged my body and mind, I loved astanga , meditation, and philosophy. All teacher were knowledgeable, professional specially meditation teacher and also mantra teacher. Swami atma was amazing too, ashish was a very challenging astanga instructor and vikas was great too, vivek’s classes were very engaging. I feel the balance of lecture and experimental learning was good. My accommodation was also good, I had what I needed and was able to make this my home for a month. The food and cooking was great, food tasted yummy. Staff was helpful and kind. It was an amazing experience for me…

Grace song
Classes of adjustment&alignment are the most important and useful things I found about training because it is always important to do asana correctly to prevent any injuries ,also my meditation discipline has improved, I loved all the classes so much ,each teacher is unique and gifted in their own way. They were very knowledgeable and approachable. They have important qualities as a teacher; I really appreciate them for sharing their wisdom with me. The balance between practical and theoretical classes was very nice, having lecture classes along with practical classes was very nice, I also learnt a lot from them. Overall stay at akshi was excellent, room was clean and great.. the food was delicious and I enjoyed it a lot.. It was absolutely wonderful month of stay at akshi yogshala..thank you..hariom

Claire potel
The most important thing about the training were philosophy classes and adjustment classes. it was very useful to have mantra and meditation also, all the classes were very good and interesting, the balance of lecture and experimental classes. it is always good to have something new to have in each class, it is the fact which made me more interested towards classes and course. The overall evaluation was perfect; things were good in beginning and got even better by the end. I was very happy with my stay at school. Food was good with very nice combinations of healthy and nutritious food. Staff also made my stay even better with their helpful nature. I am thankful to everyone. It was a fruitful experience and I got a lot to learn. Thank you..namaste..

Joshua s. Ross
The program is set up to totally alter and transform one’s lifestyle. All the teaching and classes were very useful for me. The program, asana, food, good energy, great teachers all come together cohesively to bring fresh perspective and deep insight. Teaching was excellent, and I can tell that the teachers are devoted whole heart fully to their practice. They are each special in their own way and kept me looking forward each day. I am happy to be the person who is learning under the guidance of this great group of people. I had a lovely time at this beautiful place; I feel my body morphing into a stronger version of myself. My mind is alert and active now and I will never be the same, I also made some lifelong friends from all across the world, and now I feel more connected to this earth. Thank you……the food is excellent for the type of program. It also wasn’t oily which was good. There was always a balance of two or three items that we could choose according to our choice..It was a wonderful experience with full of knowledge. Thank you

Line olesen
The knowledge, the tools and the way of living were the most useful things about the course, it was a lot to learn from every teacher, the quality of the teacher have been very good, I am pleased and grateful for all the things they have shared, I am very impressed by the level of the teaching, I have got a lot to learn. The balance of the theory, lectures and physical practice was very good, it has been an amazing journey. I am very pleased and satisfied I will continue my journey from here on, I liked the food and I liked to eat at the school, Indian food has been a new experience for me, I am more of a vegetarian person now. I am thankful to each and everyone at school. It has been an amazing journey…thank you…hari om

Criss Rueda
During this training the most important and useful thing I found was the classes of the pranayama , it really helped me to improve my yoga skills. I also find the entire yoga practice lesson with great quality, the teachers are very kind and full of knowledge, and all lessons were spectacular. The way of practicing asana was totally traditional. Teacher are very dedicated towards classes and were very honest with their teachings, I found a good balance between theory and practical classes, about my stay I would like to say it was perfect for me. Rooms and other things were good. In my personal opinion food was good and healthy, also variety of food was best, it was an amazing experience for me…thank you… namaste

Bridget nelson
The most useful thing about the training was being instructed by the teacher who truly were raised the yogic and ayurvedic path and they also had a very firm understanding and practice, I think that each of the teacher is very well trained in their specialty and supportive of the student, we went deeper in our techniques of meditation, alignment in poses along with how to prepare for sequence of hatha and astanga yoga. About the balance between practical and theoretical classes I would like to say that we did a lot of repetitive learning which was really good for reinforcing concept. I loved the community at akshi yogashala, everyone is genuine and I really appreciated the opportunities here, food was good and mostly sattvic, it was good to have ayurvedic diet according to course.. I am very happy with stay and the month I spent at akshi yogashala….thank you very much for everything…

For me everything was just amazing, this training helped me to understand my body, correction of posture, balance and most important was to learn how to control my mind, how to breath and focus..
Most useful things for me were learning breathing techniques and adjustment and alignment. The spiritual part of yoga was really important to me. I found here what I was exactly looking for, the philosophy behind asana and the way of learning were just incredible, and also anatomy and yoga nidra which was included in the course was unique and special. All of the teachers were just fabulous, I am very happy to come here and to learn from all of them with all the knowledge they have, all my question were also got answered in right way. People over here are lovely and energy is amazing, I will have this experience with my heart forever. Everything was good and balanced, everything I learnt here were useful in all meaning. Place where I stayed was amazing, comfortable and beautiful. I had wonderful simple Indian food and was balanced for yoga practice, digestion, and which was healthy too. I am thankful and grateful to god for my this incredible journey.. Namaste..

Sherihan Hassan
Most useful thing about the training was the experience I gained here and I am thankful to the people who helped me to lift up my yogic journey, and It is not only physical but spiritual and mind awareness. I am now more aware of my abilities and benefits which will also help me to start my own journey of development once I am back home; teachers were amazing and were very smooth and got all the feelings for each student at the class. Anatomy classes were amazing, it’s not only about the content or knowledge but it’s about having control over class, I just met best people in the best people; I am overall satisfied and very happy with my stay and organization of school. Food was amazing and simply best. I had a great experience and I am taking a lot sweet memories with me back home…thank you.. Hariom..

Natalie assaad
Most important and useful thing about the training was learning about the yogic way of life and structure, theory talks and classes were amazing, anatomy content was very useful, ayurveda also was full of depth, the teachers were very giving and kind. I felt very welcome and the atmosphere in the presence of teachers was always warm and very loving. I also got to meet some beautiful souls from all over the world. Every teacher got kind and gentle attitude, and were always ready to share their knowledge. I like the component of teaching and also was a good balance of theory and practical classes. Overall stay of mine was very comfortable and beautiful. Food was traditional and amazing, with a good yogic combination of food. I had an wonderful experience at akshi yogashala, I am feeling blessed to be a part of the beautiful group of people..thank you.. Namaste

Kelly Michalak
When I arrived in Nepal I was suffering from anxiety as well as a kidney infection some others personal issues. Thank you Sandeep ji for helping me to BREATH!!! Where have you been all my life? Before beginning training I experienced anxiety in such a way I felt as though I could not take a breath I was sure I was going to die. I loved learning new easy techniques in our pranayama classes and I never wanted meditation session to end. I wish I could stay in that other world forever. Thank you for giving me the tools to help me feel OK. You have proved that Pranayama is for better than any counselling and meditation better than any drug. I could get addicted to this!!!
Thank you Ranjot ji!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge plus wisdom and having so much patience. I learnt so much from you and it made me question my own thoughts plus beliefs, which was very comforting at first but I needed it! Thank you fo positive feedback following my yoga class. It means allot coming from you.
Ashish ji -one day I hope to be able to twist bend my stiff little body like you!!You are inspiring t watch plus learn from you.. Thank you very much for everything.
You all are amazing in your own unique way and teach in a professional, disciplined way. Thank you for helping me to learn grown in a way i never thought possible – I will never forget it. very much for everything.
You all are amazing in your own unique way and teach in a professional, disciplined way. Thank you for helping me to learnt grown in a way i never thought possible – I will never forget it. You all dis your best and that will always be enough. Thank you for all the positive quotes Ranjeet ji- They made me smile , I will miss all the learning plus sharing of energy with everyone.

Karen Huizenga
I had a wonderful experience with the teachers from AKshi Yogashala. They are all extreme knowledgeable on all subjects and took the time to meet each student where they are at. Ashish ji enthusiastic was a wonderful thing to have for class in the morning. He showed us each how to have discipline and motivation Ranjot ji has a such a beautiful way of discussing philosophy and anatomy You can tell he is very passionate about everything. When he is teaching and he takes time to make sure everyone is understanding. I learned alot form hi and I am very grateful for the time taken to sit and talk with me about things coming up for me during the month. Sandeep ji was a pure delight as well. The positive energy and warm smiles from him, each day was a lifting attribute. Each one of the teachers had this incredibly warm and compassionate smile and made sure to let us know we could come to them anytime as we are all living under the same roof and made sure to always be available. The Pranayama and meditation lessons from sandeep were very great, learning through experiencing the benefits first hand. Asana practice and adjustments were incredibly informative. The teachers took time for each student to make sure we took care of our bodies and understanding proper safety when adjusting students as well ourselves. The Yoga Anatomy lessons were beneficial to gain a greater understanding of our bodies in relation to the poses. Mantra class with Tanushree ji was one of my favourite. Her voice is beautiful and she also has a wonderfully positive energy as well. I am leaving with some great knowledge and experience and only wishing I could stay to learn more, as I a feeling teachers like this don’t come around often. Thank you for everything, for believing in me and showing me compassion and understand.

Yasmin Kurimbokus
I learnt so much. The content of the course was execellent I feel so cofident to teach. The teaches are amazing. Give the teachers 100% A* teaching. Food and accommodations is good. Staff are also very nice.

Lin Wai Yee
Hong Kong
Thank you for offering the 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal, otherwiswe I would not be here in this amazing course. My purpose for joining this course is to understand more about myself, my body & my mind. In this 1 month I learned alot not only the subjects that we have taken. What is more important is that I have grown up a lot with this course. I try to attend all classes as possible , try to do my best to follow the teachers teaching. At the beginning of the course it was quite hard for me as i did not do ever classes in my daily life. I could not do a lot of asana which admire day by day practise and the patience of the teachers make me how be able to get into the asanas, It still takes long time to practice and to grow up.
Generally the course is amazing. Teachers are professional land they are willing to share their own time after class especially Ranjot ji; he spent every night to discuss with students about their teaching plan in the last two weeks. He also come to other class to observes the students then he will make arrangement of the class to teach what the students need. My stay and accommodation was very nice. The course is good & I wish to join other similar course in the future. Thank you Namaste!!

Overall the training was very high standard. Ranjot ji is very knowlegeble and experienced teacher. I learnt a lot from him. I couldn’t do unsupported head stand before coming here and he showed me a technique to do this. I really enjoyed Ashish ji class. His energy and personality is very vibrant and he is good in motivating me. I enjoyed very much his adjustment classes . He makes the poses look easy and make me think it’s possible in my mind to do it. Then I try and managed to go further than i thought i would. Sandeep ji has a beautiful and warm personality. I just enjoy being in his company. I will miss the energy of teachers and it was a tough schedule and overall my impression are that it was excellent yoga teacher training course because the teachers are an experienced , professional and really care about the students. Thank you all the teachers, I will miss your energy and your support.

The teachers have a deep knowledge about the subjects and they were always availbale for students doubts. The staff were very helpful and friendly. Overall my experience was positive.

Sara  Pascual Piada
100% satisfied with course.

Erin Greatorix
Ten out of Ten – I loved all the aspects of this.

Gillian May
Adjustmnet & alighmnet was most useful about the training. Teachers always available to answer the question. All the teachers were amazing. It was good balance of teaching style, some relaxed, some intensive. They all have a great knowledge of their subjects and are very passionate about what they do. Accommodation is good. Location was amazing. Rishikesh is so beautiful.

Stephanie Klempqu
The integral approach of what yoga is, and the fresh new learning from the teachers. Ralising how hard the asana as are and how much my body can improve. All the teacher s are amzing. Each teacher has a very unique way of teachings. I used my time with the teachers as I could. Balance was perfect between lecture vs. experiential learning. My Stay was very good & good experience. Also the cooking was good

Ashtanga & Pranyama classes are most useful for me. Teachers are very good & knowlegeble. Accommodation and food is good. I really liked the course.

Alighmnet & adjustment was really usefull. Teachers always avaible to answer the question. All the teachers were amazing. It was a good balance of teaching style, some relaxed and some intensive. They all have a great knowledge of their subjects and are very passionate about what they do. Lecture vs. Experiental learning balance was good. Accommodation is good and location was amazing. Rishikesh is so beautiful. Food was good.

Learning about the spiritual side of yoga was so wonderfull. It is easy to learn asanas, but the karma driven lifestyle is the real teacher. And Pranyama awas very beneficial because it is not studed or taught enough in the west. Most of the teachers wer very knowlegeble and wonderfull instructor.
Phiolosophy- Great, Pranayama- Perfect, Anatomy- Good, Mantra- An unexpected and lovely addition to the course. Balance was very good between lectures Vs. Experiential training. My stay was very nice. Food was good. Every Soup was amazing!!!! Thank you for everything.

The Teachers wer good. I really felt comfortable around them. They were always avaible to answer question and explaining doubts. All are very knowledgeable people. My stay was comfortable . All the staff were great. Food was good. Overall great experience!

Mia Oktari
Asana and pranyama most useful in training . The teachers are good and very professional. Balance was good. Accommodation and food is good. All the staff and teachers were very nice.

Most useful about the course is the more approach of the teachers and all the classes. All the teachers were great. Ashish and Jitender great expert teachers. Accommodation was great!! Great teachers, facilities. Food was amazing. Thanks for the kitchen staff. You did the great job!
Vivek- Very knowlegeble, good philosophy and anatomy sessions.
Jeet- amazing, been wanting a guru like him for years now. So friendly, enthusiastic and passionate about his job. Will miss him.
Ashish- Amazing, a great Hatha teacher. Loved his intense asana session. An excellent organiser of lessons.
Tanu- Awesome! Patient, sweet and encouraging. Make for a great mantra teacher.
All the teachers of all subjects are good. Perfect balance. My stay was awesome. Staff was so friendly. Food was awesome.

Gurinder Kaur
During the training course I have improved my practise, also imprived my teaching method. Alighmnet and adjustment classes and Mantra singing with Tanu ji were actually overhelming. All the teachers were great. Balance of lecture and experiential learning both are important and must be carried out in balance. Though I personally feel for me experiential knowlegeble or learning goes more well. Food and accommodation is good. Staff are very helpful.

Jessica Brouté
The asana and alighmnet , pranyama, anatomy, ayurveda, meditation, philosophy and i really enjoyed matra so...off of them. Tha asana teachers were both amazing.!! The mantra teachers was perfect for the mantras and really usefull for the meditation. The pranayama teaching is full of energy, really precise and the balance with practice and explanation was well done. I really enjoy the ayurveda teachers classes, really precise and clear . I would love to have more asana’s lesson with these teachers but i know that it is hard to put more on the shedu;le. I really appreciated & learnt a looooooooooott!! Food was great.

This has been a great learning experience for me. Alots of things I knew before but after coming here I was able to understand those things. I knew Yoga is good for us but why yoga is good that understating I got here. Learning the Asana and Anatomy was the best part of training for me. I feel to live blessed by having such an amazing group of teachers. Every teacher was very knowledgeable about their subject. Every time I asked question, It was answered and was properly explained. Whenever I was not able to do any asana, I got full support from the teachers. I can do so much was discovered by me with the help of our great teachers. Jitender Ji is an absolutely great teacher, he will keep correcting you until you get it right. My stay was very comfortable, food was great, kitchen staff was amazing, many thanks to them.

Katie Duggan
During my yoga teacher training course I really enjoyed the asana classes . I learned alot about my body that I can keep improving myself practice safely. All the information was overhelming -----woulld have really helped. All the teachers were very nice and passionate about their job. Balance was great between lecture and experiential learning. My all stay was good and comfortable. Food and kitchen staff was good at ashram. Great experience!!

Kristina Hlavicova
Czech Republic
I got a really good foundation for my future practice, Also i git here a good motivation to change something and habits in my life, complexity of information was very useful- not only asana , we learned everything in context. All the teachers were excellent and professionals!! I admire Vivek ji for his great knowledge and ability to explain complicated things simply. I really like Jitender ji passion for learing and ability to explain with yoga and ability to give us good advices how to do asana properly and how to prepare our body. I also liked ashish ji lesson. Through ALigjment & adjustment I understood how to do asanas or what mistake i do. Balance was perfect . I am really glad to gain complex information. I am happy for my decision to quit my job and come to India. I don;t think that my life will rapidly change, but I hope I will be able to keep the peace and love in my heart for the whole life. Food was good. Many Thanks to Kitchen staff!!

Sabrie Marion
The Hatha & Ashtanga classes wer excellent during the yoga training. I also found useful that the training included physical and more intellectual course. All the teachers are good and have great knowledge about their subject. Ashish ji, Jitender ji and Vivek ji are amazing teachers. My stay was good. Good Food!!

Costa Rica
– All the teachers were amazing and very knowledgeable. There is good balance between lecture and experiential learning. My stay was very nice. Food was very good. I wish you all many blessing and thank you for the time we spent together. I enjoyed my time here very much. It was very special and i will keep this memory and period of time close to my heart.

Monti Thomas
Practice yoga learning , hatha yoga, lesson class and ashtanga vinyasa most useful in the training. Ashtanga vinyasa class is more powerfull. All the Teachere were good. Food was really good.

Everthing is usefull! I thought I knew more about yoga before this course than i actually did. It has been incredibly insightful, very well organised qnd such a fantastic experience all around. The ingsight into yoga philosophy and meditation was particulary helpful for me, as my knowledge in these areas was limlited.

I have developed a greater ability to let go. Finally, there was so much to learn, which was amazing to be expose to so many new teachings in such a short space of time. All the teachers (knowledgeable, dedicated and commited) plus teachings were very interesting. Anatomy was quite challenging for me but teacher was very lovely. Every single class help me. I have enjoyed the experience.

Marc Brull
I found most usefull the quality of most of the teachers, hatha, pranayama and ashtanga. My Best teacher of the course is ashtanga teacher. All other teacher Hatha, pranayama, philosophy, mantra, purification, ayurveda, meditation and alighment are also very good. The balance was perfect between lecture vs. Practical. My stay was good. The food was good, execellent teachers, beautiful school and amazing landscape.

I found useful about the training mix of everthing . Pranyama was new for me and i will definitely continue. Hatha, Ashtanga Pranayama and meditation teachers were good and have great knowlwdge. Philosophy and Anatomy teacher was really good, so much knowlegle, really impressive. Balance was good. Rooms are really good, everything clean. Food was good, specially the breakfast.

Lenka Hlavickova
Czech Republic
I found all information very useful. The knowledge of the teachers that they shared with us. Asana classes- alignments and adjustment overall. I liked all the teachers that we had and all the classes. I specially enjoyed adjustment and alighmnet, hatha yoga, Anattomy and pranayama classes. Teachers were helpful and happy to answer our questions. My stay was execellent, good hearted people. Food was yummy, I really enjoyed the food and all kitchen staff was very nice and friendly.

Love all of the classes and found all of them valuable. Great learning experience! My stay was comfortable at ashram. Food was too good. Teachers and staff all are very nice and friendly. I really enjoyed here alot.

Melanie Platcow
I found most useful alighment class and students i met in the program.
Anatomy- Great!
Aligjmnet – Best class and teacher
Pranayama, Meditation, Ashtanga Philosophy & AYurveda - Great teachers & classes. My stay was overall very positive, especially after the class was split in ½. Food was good.

Ho Wing Yin
Hong Kong
I found most useful about the training AYurveda, Hatha & Ashtanga practice and adjustment alighment classes. Balance was perfect between lecture and practical. The school campus is good, well mainted nice room with balcony. All the staff are nice and helpful. Food was good & tasty. I enjoyed alot ice-cream & chocolate balls after dinner.

Francesca Belloli
I found all TTC good. Most were hatha, pranyama and ashtanga class. Ashtanga teacher Jitender and some are very great, amazing. Anatomy, pranayama, Hatha teachers are very great and knowlegeble. Balance was good in lecture and practical. Good location, good room, tasty food, good staff, Good Trip!! Overall great experience.

During the course asana classes and pranayama were true eye opener. The course was very intense, which was good. The practical teaching, all of them were great (especially pandey ji). As they just brought all of us outside of our comfort zones and put we back in shape. The Theoretical classes were good. I loved the space and the facilities. Food in general was very good and well planned. I loved every minute of this course. It certainly changed my life. You can tell all the teachers have a lot of knowledge in their field so it is a massive amount of information inputs. Thank you guys for all your support.-

I found most useful about the training pranyama, asana, ayurveda class, alignment & adjustment. All teachers are excellent in their subject and they were all time ready to share their learning and experiences. Techers are approachable for all types of queries. I am really glad to find such teachers and school. Balance is good. Stay was comfortable. Staff is really caring and nice. All are more than ready to help. Food is execellent simple but delicious. All Great! –

The complete 200 hours yoga teachers training program had been a soul soothing for us. Besides the knowledge of the different aspects of yoga, we gained wisdom, and the knowledge of the Indian culture, which was equally great. In the complete program, we had a learning as well as fun and adventure and we made a lot of friends too.

The Most useful thing know how to mediate and get into the situation quickly. Teachers gave us lot if techniques. E.g. chanting mantra first and then do meditation or chant in heart while breathing when doing meditation. Every teacher has experience and teaching skills. I learnt a lot from them. Balance was good in training. My stay was pretty good. Rooms are clean and very calm and nice environment. I really love the food at Akshi Yogashala. Healthy and traditional food. Overall wonderful experience.

Alignment class was most useful for me during the training. All the teachers are great and experienced. My Stay was so good and food was excellent in ashram. Thank you to everyone at akshi yogashala.

I cannot forget the retreat program which was planned for us during the 200 hours program at the banks of the river Ganga. It was an amazing location which brought us very close to nature. The whole program was very interesting and highly enlightening and great. All the teachers have been very helpful too.

I Learnt a lot this month, pranayama and asana classes were great as well as alignment & adjustment and ayurveda. Everything we learnt is going to be useful when needed. The Philosophy class was great , great way to deliver it. Pranayama/meditation classes were pleasurable because of his good knowledge and great energy. Hatha and Ashtanga teachers were great and they covered the sequence, postures and series, the best way possible. Ayurveda teacher covered the material perfectly , She gave us great information in a very clear manner. Anatomy and mantra also very great and useful. Balance between practical and lecturer was great. The room was great, the environment surrounding the ashram is calm and relaxing, the people were nice. The food was great, delicious versatile food for every meal. A wonderful experience, I have earnt and gained a lot during past month.

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