Scholarship Program for Researchers of related fields, Intellectuals of Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Enthusiast who want to Learn & Teach Yoga

Yoga means differently to different people and caters to a variety of beliefs, religions, school of thoughts. A flexible and an ideal practice of health and wellness, Yoga is both ancient and modern, it is both a destination and a journey, it is for the pupil and for the teacher. This universal acceptability and adaptability of yoga, has led us to help students suffering from financial limitations.

Eligibility Criteria

Without adding any high standards or test, Akshi Yogashala, requests the candidates who are interested in taking up the scholarship program to first fill the form and in few words mention the reason you would need the scholarship. We will filter the applications and award the scholarship to as many students as possible. Also, students who attain the scholarships should be passionate about yoga and should dedicatedly do their work or research for which they are coming.





1. Free High-Speed Wi-Fi
2. Yoga program, including Ashtanga Yoga & Hatha Yoga
3. Touches of Ayurveda
4. Short excursion trips in the town and around the city of Rishikesh
5. Pick up facility to the ashram from Ram Jhula
6. A dive into the Indian culture
7. Access to Books, Ancient Texts & several thousand year old scripts. (Access to Researchers)
8. Arrangement of Special Facilities & Accommodation can be arranged. (Depending on your Description and only for Researchers)
9. PAN-India priority Contacts & Appointments can be taken. (Depending on your Description and only for Researchers).
10. All help except financial will be given and provided depending on your work. (Financial Grant can be given in some special case and only for Researchers in India)

Special Notes

1. Scholarship will be decided according to what you had filled in the form.
2. Here Researcher refers to the Research Student who is actively doing Research in Yoga, Meditation and Related Fields.
3. Fully Funded Scholarship is available only for Researchers and it depends on what you are researching, who you are & where you are form and other factors.
4. For any other Special Need, Purpose to see the Prospects of Funding, you can mail at or call or message at +91-9897654101