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Travelling to India for a transformation yoga teacher training is a big decision, so people tend to have a lot of questions. We’ve answered some of our students’ most common questions to help give you some extra clarity.


Popular Queries

What is Akshi’s yoga teacher training philosophy?

We believe that yoga is more than exercise; it’s a lifestyle committed to physical, mental and spiritual growth. This is the life that our gurus live, and we train our students with that same holistic mindset.

Our teacher training program is an authentic journey into the depths of yoga, inspired by the texts of ancient gurus who have systematically honed this craft over thousands of years. You will learn asana, pranayama, meditation, anatomy, philosophy, alignment, adjustment, teaching methods, and even the basics of Ayurveda.

Who are the yoga teachers, and how do you choose them?

We choose our teachers based on their dedication to the path of living a yogic life. Most of our gurus have spent their entire lives in ashrams, or in the nearby Himalayan villages seeking deeper connection with yoga. You can meet our gurus here.

How many students do you admit to the program?

We admit a maximum of 20 students, because we believe that smaller classes allow for deeper understanding, more personalized feedback, and an overall better learning experience.

How much yoga experience is required to apply?

Yoga demands a beginner’s mindset, and we teach from the very foundations of yoga’s roots, so we believe that beginners can apply to our program. Having said that, the course moves quickly, so we recommend at least six months of regular yoga practice to get the most out of your experience.

What is included in the course fee?

The course fee covers nearly everything: accommodation, three vegetarian meals a day, course materials, yoga mat, weekly group excursions, and much more. Students generally only spend money to occasionally “treat themselves” to food or drink outside the ashram, or to the plentiful  (and affordable) yoga-related souvenirs available throughout Rishikesh. The full details of what’s included can be seen on the Fees page.

What’s the weather like in Rishikesh?

As we are located at the foothills of the Himalayas, the weather can be quite different depending on the season.

During the winter months (December to February), it can get very cold, especially at night, and we recommend you bring jackets, thick socks, and warm clothes.

From April to June, it gets quite hot (up to 40°C). Bring light cotton clothes to beat the heat.

From July to September, it’s the rainy season, and while it doesn’t rain every day, you should definitely bring a rain jacket and umbrella.The most pleasant months are October and March, which are neither too warm, nor too cold (usually right around 30°C).

Are you registered with the Yoga Alliance?

Yes! We are internationally recognized with the Yoga Alliance, and upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to upload your certificate and become a proud new member of the Yoga Alliance.

Will I be able to teach yoga after completing the 200-hour teacher training course?

Yoga is a lifelong endeavor, and we believe that all yogis are both learning and sharing at the same time – you simply share to the level of your learning. Our course includes a significant focus on preparing you to teach, including teaching methodology and sequencing classes, adjustment and alignment classes to help you understand the subtle nuances of popular poses (and the appropriate way to help others deepen their postures), all of which leads up to a practical exam of teaching your very own yoga class to your peers.

Course Queries

What is an arrival and a departure time?

It is expected of you to come one day before the start of the class. It would give you sufficient time to rest and understand about the school and courses.

How many students are admitted in each class?

We admit maximum 20 students in each YTT class. If there are more students then batch will be splitted so that each group contains max 20 students.

Is there any dress code for the Yoga class?

White colored and modest clothes are highly recommended.

Is the Yoga Mat provided in the School?

Though there are sufficient yoga mats in the School and can be hired but they are used often by others so it is always recommended to get your personal yoga mat. There are many shops around from where you can buy a Yoga Mat at a reasonable price.

Can a pregnant lady attend the course?

No, for a pregnant lady a course is too intense.

Is the prior experience of Yoga necessary to join the school?

We teach Yoga from its roots and it is very everyone so prior experience is not required.

Do we get a free time?

Yes you get a free time during breaks and Sundays are also free for you to take rest and discover Rishikesh.

Can I skip the classes in between?

You can skip the class only if there is any emergency but after informing your teacher regarding the cause of your absence.

Can I attend the course with my partner?

Yes, you can attend the course with your partner.

Are the teachers well qualified?

Yes, all teachers are well qualified and experienced.

Which language will be used in the class, if English is not my first language?

English is taught in our classes unless otherwise specified. We’ve hosted many students from all over the world where English is not their first language. Our teachers put a great deal of effort towards making sure each student is comfortable and can follow along.

Do I need to buy or read the books?

We provide all the study materials that are required. However still it is best to read the books that are recommended by the teachers.

Payment Queries

How much I need to pay for secure a seat?

You need to pay a minimum amount of $200 dollars in advance to secure your seat.

How do I pay or register for the course?

There are two options to secure registration and payment. These are via

1. PayPal: You can deposit via our websites payment Gateway

2. Transfer wise and Bank transfer – Tell us about your preferred mode of payment and you will get the account details via email.

When should I pay Remaining Fees of the Course?

You can pay the remaining fees of the course on Arrival.

Can I request for the changes in the date schedule or ask for refund once the booking process is done?

You can request for postponing your date of joining and we can adjust you in the next session. But this request can only be entertained in case of emergency or if you have fallen into any personal problem of grave nature. The fees is however non-refundable.

What is a mode of payment?

We accept credit card payment for booking but the remaining fees can only be paid either through cash or by TCs. If you wanted to pay your remaining fees through credit card then remaining 3.5 percent will be charged as transaction fee. ATM debit can also used to withdraw cash (Master/Visa/Electron).

How much is Food and Accommodation fees?

There are no additional charges for Food or accommodation. You can book your room either on shared or single bases and will be provided all the basic amenities like attached bathroom, 24 hours water supply, wardrobe, iron and so on.

Certification Queries

Do I need to clear the exams to complete the course?

Yes, you need to clear the written and verbal exams. The decision will depend on your performance, behaviour and attendance that you have shown during the tenure.

Can I become a certified yoga teacher or yoga instructor?

To become a certified yoga teacher you must attend any of the Yoga Teacher Training program. The details of the programs are available on the site. As we are also Yoga Alliance, USA affiliated so you can register yourself with the Yoga Alliance and become a certified teacher after successfully completing the program.

How to Reach Rishikesh

Is it safe to travel alone in Rishikesh?

It is absolutely safe to travel alone in India especially in Rishikesh. Many foreign tourists arrives in India every year and travel with confidence. However, it could be bit fretful to travel by train or bus if you are traveling for the first time as you might find a totally different experience.

Can you make transport arrangements for me?

Yes, if you make us a request in advance, we will make a transport arrangement for you from the airport, bus or railway station to Rishikesh and back.

How can I reach Rishikesh from Delhi?

You can hire a Taxi from Delhi airport or you can avail our transport package of US which covers the cost from Delhi airport to Rishikesh by taxi and back to Delhi airport after completion of the course. Rishikesh is six hours drive from Delhi airport.

You can also opt for Volvo service from Delhi ISBT, however Bus travelling could cause inconvenience for the first time travelers. Another best option is railways. Take train for Haridwar from New Delhi Railway Station and from Haridwar there are many transport facilities available to reach Rishikesh.

If you have to put in for a night in Delhi, there are many hotels available including budgeted hotels in Main market of Paharganj area that ranges from USD 10 to 20 dollars.

Which Airport can I choose?

Take a flight for New Delhi airport, which is a most preferred way, but if there is a direct flight from your starting place to Jolly Airport at Dehradun, that would be best. Dehradun Jolly Airport is around fifteen kilometers from Rishikesh. You can hire a taxi from the Jolly Airport.

Weather Queries

What kind of weather is found in Rishikesh?

As December, January and February are the coldest months we recommend you to bring warm clothes .

From April to August are hot and rainy, light cotton clothes are required as the temperature can reach to 40 degrees. In September you should also have rain coats and umbrella as it is a rainy season.

October to March months are generally pleasant- neither too cold nor warm. The temperature is around 30 degrees. The recommended clothes are cold warm clothes and jackets.

What kind of weather is found in Nepal?

What kind of weather is found in Kerala?

Health & Security Issues

I am on medication, I will I be able to get the same medicines in India as well?

Yes, all medicines and facilities are available in the Indian hospitals similar to that in Western nations. You might not get the same brand, but you can sure get the similar medicines.

Will I get medical treatment if I get sick during the course?

Yes, if you get sick, injured or require any kind of other medical assistance, we will provide you complete medical care or even take you to the nearest hospital if required. We can also arrange you alternative to help you get through with the course.

Do I need Vaccinations?

Any specific Vaccination is not needed, but it is highly suggested to bring mosquito repellents, lotions etc.

Do I need to take precaution with the Food in India?

In the School premises extra care is taken to prepare food hygienically, and nutritious. All meals are prepared by experienced chefs so you are assured of quality food. Eating outside also is quite safe in Rishikesh but if you have sensitive stomach, avoid eating street food.

General Queries

Is the food you are serving nutritious and good for the people who prefer Vegan?

We provide highly nutritious and pure Vegetarian food, that is good for health but it is not Vegan.

Can I get the particular food if I have any medical condition like diabetes, kidney disease or glutton intolerance?

Yes, food will be provided as per your medical needs or health conditions. Just inform us about your needs well in advance.

Does the School provides clean drinking water?

Yes, pure filtered water is provided to the students.

Are phones allowed in the Campus?

You can use phones in the Campus but phones are prohibited in the class.

Can I use internet in the School?

Wi-Fi facility is available in the School and is easily accessible. You can bring your phone or a laptop in the school but the use of internet is prohibited during sessions.

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