Eight Best Yoga Poses to Get Relief from Neck Pain
By : Sunita Choudhary March 28, 2017
A neck pain is a very common problem especially among the working genre accruing to bad posture, tensions, stress, and anxiety. Long physiological tension can...
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hatha yoga class rishikesh
Five Tips to Make a Better Choice for Yoga Teacher Training Program
By : Sunita Choudhary March 20, 2017
With spur of yoga teacher training programs around the world, deciding on a right program is not easy.  You need to think the program that...
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yoga & meditation
Yoga Techniques for Detoxification of Mind
By : Sunita Choudhary March 6, 2017
Live the way you want but through the way your body and mind demand; this is a secret to health. To espouse it further, to...
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An Effective Yoga Stretches to Keep Healthy in Office
By : Sunita Choudhary February 28, 2017
Our busy routine becomes an enemy to our health and why not as we are shuddering between the office and home giving hardly any time...
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Trataka meditation
Most Effective Yoga Poses To Improve Eye Sight
By : Sunita Choudhary February 22, 2017
For the today genre, weak eyesight is their next big issue. We can see here people with their spectacles or contact lens, which has become...
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Ardha Chandraasana
Adopt these Five Best Yoga Poses to Get Your Desired Weight
By : Sunita Choudhary February 13, 2017
There are many ways to reduce weight, but none is compared to yoga.  Only a few minutes of yoga each day, and you will see...
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yoga class akshiyogashala rishikesh
What Makes Yoga Teacher Training in India Different?
By : Sunita Choudhary February 6, 2017
In one of the books, “Yoga and Practice” David Gordon White, explains yoga as an analysis of the disturbances in our lives and of our...
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yoga for brain function
How Can We Boost the Brain Function as We Age?
By : Sunita Choudhary January 16, 2017
As we start aging, the mental faculties of our brain start decreasing. Studies by the University College of London found a decrease of 3.6 percent...
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Fuse yourself in New Spirit for The Fusion Yoga this Year
By : Sunita Choudhary January 10, 2017
Get back the past with the favorable fusion of the New. This New Year you can add new spice to the old yoga styles with...
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Unfolding the Secrets of Yogis Evergreen Health, Youthfulness and Attraction
By : Sunita Choudhary January 2, 2017
“I speak in a poem of the ancient food of heroes:  humiliation, happiness and discord. These things are given to us to transform so that...
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