yoga & meditation retreat
Things You Should Expect At Your First Yoga Retreat
By : Sunita Choudhary November 16, 2017
Taking out time for a yoga retreat is really a wonderful experience as its beauty and opportunity to feel, get connected and deepen the yoga...
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Yoga Retreat India
A Helpful Guide to Planning a Yoga Retreat
By : Sunita Choudhary November 13, 2017
As cuckoo soar its wings to the glory of the sun rays yogis rose to the divine sky in their tree pose through the yoga...
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Yoga Asana for Migraine Relief
Top 8 Best Asanas in Yoga To Treat Migraine
By : Sunita Choudhary November 7, 2017
A Migraine causes severe headaches, pain on one side or one half of the head causing people suffer from many kinds of neurological disorders. A...
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Yoga Asanas For First Trimester Pregnancy
By : Sunita Choudhary October 30, 2017
Women in the first trimester of pregnancy need to take a lot of care of their body, as many changes are occurring during this phase....
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searching online yoga school
Things to Consider While Choosing Yoga Teacher Training Center
By : Sunita Choudhary October 24, 2017
For any aspiring student, the path towards a career of a Yoga teacher is a path of rigorous training but more than that it is...
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online yoga class
Benefits of Online Yoga Classes – Do it at your Own Convenience and Pace
By : Sunita Choudhary October 12, 2017
Yoga is for all of us but it all depends on how we adopt it to our benefit. Some join the Yoga institutes for looking...
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Melting-Heart pose
Yoga for Office workers To Get Relief from the Shoulder and Neck pain
By : Sunita Choudhary October 7, 2017
Officer hours gives hardly any time to spend on ourselves, and worse still sitting whole day over the computer screen causes many major chronic ailments...
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meditation and sleep
What We Have in Meditation and Sleep
By : Sunita Choudhary October 3, 2017
Sleep is very necessary. We sleep in the night and when we feel tired as it relaxes our mind and body. However, we also have...
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yoga gifts
Find the Perfect Gifts for Yoga Lovers
By : Sunita Choudhary September 26, 2017
Yogis are different and so their interests, and to gift them we have to be very choosy and selective.  I really enjoy picking out some...
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yoga poses for long flight
5 Yoga Poses to Practice before a Long Flight
By : Sunita Choudhary September 22, 2017
Often the flight journey comes with the health issues or unpleasant problems abetted by cramping, stiff neck or sore muscles etc. However that does not...
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