Advanced Yoga Poses, Practice, Sequences: Techniques & Instruction


Advanced Yoga Poses, Practice, Sequences: Techniques & Instruction:

Yoga tradition in India is an ancient discipline. And it focuses on the balance between body and minds developing also the emotional and spiritual subtle bodies. Yoga shows us how to connect with our physical body and to make ourselves aware of the different functions. It realizes to transform the energy inside, such as respiration, digestion, assimilation and excrete substances. In the same way, it takes a very important part within the nervous, glandular, reproductive systems in our body.

In yoga philosophy, it is applied the term ahimsa. It refers to the ‘non-violence’ towards us and also to our context. Therefor in the moment of the warm-up, this understanding leads us to take care of our body, to feel and listen to it and to take it slowly to the movement and eventually to perform the final pose. In the second place, the importance of the warm-up relies on the prevention of injuries. Because if we take care of the body, it will react in a more positive way for the rest of our yoga practice.

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Types of Warm-up for Advanced Yoga Poses

There are several ways to take our body to warm it up. Professionals within the physical body establish these options to make some order in the moment of irrigating blood towards the muscles:

1. Warm-up from head to feet
2. Warm-up from feet to head

Joints Warm-up for Advanced Yoga Poses

The movement starts from the joints in order to lubricate them: ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, toes, neck. Afterward it is recommended to speed up the heart bit with some deeper exercises to increase the body temperature. Finally, it is appropriated to do some stretching exercises all over the body. Mainly in the biggest muscles in order to prepare it for a practice. Which is demanding a longer duration, movement, resistance, strength.

Warm-up for intense poses

If within your yoga practice there are included some asanas that require a higher level of strength, balance or to be held for a longer period of time, there are few recommendations.

Sun salutation is a very complete series of asanas since it warms up every muscle in our body from feet to head. It also goes gentle with the body so they awake gradually, and at the same time it becomes intense. So it activates biggest muscle groups such as the abdomen, buttocks, tries to give a strong support for the rest of the body.

In Hatha Yoga there is the Pawanmuktasana group, which is a series of asanas with a deep effect so body and mind get prepared to develop the practice from the essence to the most advanced asanas:

  • anti- rheumatic Asana group
  • Abdominal and digestive Asana group

A good Warm-up for Advanced Yoga Poses besides preparing the body to do a nice yoga practice, one can avoid overcharging and harming the body. It is essential to give the gap and time to prepare the body with a good warm-up. So we can elongate his well functioning through a healthy way.