8 Yoga poses to strengthen lower back


8 Yoga poses to strengthen lower back

In our daily life, we accumulate certain tensions during the day. It happens due to routine postures that we conscientiously or unconsciously repeat. And lead us to accumulate energy in some areas in our body and make us eventually feel discomfort or even pain. Lower back pain is very frequent because is the base that gives support to the rest of the torso. So some yoga poses can help us to strengthen lower back and be free from pain.

Most of the jobs in current society, either in the city or in the countryside demand activities where we repeat the same postures with our bodies many times. These are the cases of being sitting for several hours onto a chair front of a desk, holding big amounts of weight every day, being in a standing position the whole day, bending forward continuously, etc. 

On the other hand, every person was born with a different physical constitution and also structural malfunctions as well as acquiring bad postural habits that within the time become degenerative.

Herein relies on the importance of being alert about us and find out through certain activities such as Yoga Asana to become aware of the real condition of our physical body as well as the possible adjustments that might help our body to stay healthy and free of tensions.

Manifestation in our emotions in daily life

According to ancient knowledge from Yogic tradition, vital energy in our body is originated in the tail bone or coccyx. The second energetic center in our body is located in the hip and lumbar area and is the responsibility for our emotional life, creativity, and vital force. This energetic center is related also to sexuality, social life, jealousy, relationships, openness to change and movements in life.

Indeed, it is important to get to know ourselves in order to pay more attention to this area. Since physical pain is only the result of the unbalance on the emotional body. 

And some of the emotional symptoms that manifest within us as a disharmony in this energetic center are hypersensitivity, fear, low self- esteem, low livid, shame, anxiety, depression, difficulty to express our feelings.

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Some ways to enlighten this second chakra 

To heal this energetic area in our body, we must first, be the witness of the self. To bring to the conscious level what is going on with our physical body to be able to identify certain unbalance within our emotional and physical sides.

In addition, yoga gives us the option of certain asanas or poses to help to free tensions in the area of the hips and lower back:

Baddha Konasana (Butterfly pose)

Paschimotanasana (seated forward bend pose)

Ananda Balasana (Happy baby pose)

Uttanansana (standing forward bend pose)

Halasana (plough pose)

Upavistakonasana (seated angle pose) 

suptagarbhāsana (embryo pose)

pavanamuktāsana (wind releasing pose)

And all these yoga poses can help to strengthen lower back.


  • Free tensions in the lower back
  • Flex and strengthen hip zone and growing muscles.
  •  Stimulates pelvic area and abdomen 
  • Improves blood circulation  
  • Calms down the mind 
  • Decreases anxiety and depression 

Indeed a balanced physical body from feet to head is the result of rejoicing of a happier and conscious life.