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Yoga for Beginners – Everything You Need to Know Before You Start

Yoga for Beginners – Everything You Need to Know Before You Start: In these days, Yoga is becoming more and more popular within modern society, people are becoming more aware of themselves and look for something that might help them to live longer and healthier life. Though, there is much more within the path of Yoga that is beyond what most of people think and put as their inspiration for their practice, like simply for creating more strength and flexibility in the physical body.

Yoga is a vast system of self-exploration that leads one towards a realization in order to create a reunion on every aspect of the being and to project this inspiration outwards in order to create a positive impact also on the environment.  Eventually, the ultimate goal is to reach enlightenment through the application of all the different elements, such as leading an ethical life, purifying the body and the mind, practicing the Yogic postures, using different breathing techniques, withdrawing the five senses internally, concentrating on one object at a time and meditation.


As a complete beginner, it would be better to avoid the strain of trying too hard to understand every detail on the first class, it is a long process that demands the investments of time and effort together. It is completely natural not to have the ability to perform from the beginning all the instructions by the Yoga teacher or the book you study. It is even very obvious that in Asana classes many beginner students would pay attention just for the physical movements that are seen only by the gross eyes, without paying attention to the internal events at all.

But the more all elements of Yoga is practiced, the deeper the practitioner will be able to dive internally and explore the subtler level of the being.

Nowadays, the Yoga community is growing larger and larger so it is usually easier to find a Yoga studio, school or Ashram in every populated area around the globe, especially in India. Even though it is just the beginning, it is extremely recommended to find a highly experienced teacher who has the awareness of leading a class in a professional and safe way that is intending to create a transformation within all aspects of life. Along with that, it is also important to pay attention more and more to yourself so you can your actions. For example, studying according to the capacity of the body and the mind and avoiding strain.

Eventually, the whole aim is to re-establish a conscious relationship between the body, mind and the higher self or the soul. It all come with patience and consistent practice; before reaching the deeper levels like dealing with emotional issues in order to create healing within the mental realm, it is likely that most of people will connect to the physical body first and get to explore areas where they were never mindful of before.

To conclude all that, it is important to say, the path of Yoga is a path of exploration, the only thing you have to do is just to start and reduce the expectations, it is like opening a gift box without realizing first what is inside. In this path, instead of only reaching a goal, you will learn also how to enjoy the journey.

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Special discount available for Indians
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