Why Akshi Yogashala School?

We make the journey of yoga teacher training of each student a distinctive experience, find out how we do it?

Our School

  • Akshi Yogashala School

    • Our school is run by a team of yogis who practiced yoga under the guidance of great yoga masters.

    • School provides Ashram like environment which is best for yoga learning,

    • We provide neat, beautiful and airy rooms with all the modern facilities including neat and clean blankets, linen, and attached bathrooms.

    • School is located at the banks of river Ganga, provides awesome scenic view of the mountains and is away from noisy roads or market.

    • We provide nutritious vegetarian and vegan diet three times a day including drinks without any extra charge.

    • School has female staff to understand the needs of the female students. 24 hours services are available for students.

    • One doctor will always be available in our premises during day with 24/7first aid facility.

    • We also provide scholarships to many needy students. We have normal fees structure with some percent of it goes to charity.

    • Our Yoga hall, dining hall and rooms are spacious and in the same location. They take up to 40 people though we give admit maximum 15 students.

    • Every Sunday excursions tours are organized for students. Culture events are held and they are given exposure to the local culture, and all is included in the course fee.

  • Other School

    • Most of the other schools are run by online marketing people, hotel businessman, travel agents.

    • Other schools might hold classes in hotels or guest house where there are modern facilities but environment might not be yoga friendly.

    • Rooms provided could be of small size, old and not so hygienic.

    • Other Schools might be located in crowded places, surrounded by other buildings and close to the main road or market so students don’t get peaceful environment as desired.

    • Other schools provide spicy or oily food without considering nutritious value in the diet as required. Sometimes they charge extra for drinks or food.

    • Other schools might have only male staff and may leave during night.

    • Other Schools do not provide medical facilities not even first aid for any emergency.

    • Other Schools are business oriented and many of them charge exorbitant rates.

    • Yoga hall can be very small, not spacious enough to accommodate all students, and accommodation is distance away that can cause inconvenience to the students.

    • In other schools, though excursions and culture events are organized but extra fees are charged.

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Our Teachers

  • Akshi Yogashala School

    • All our yoga teachers have been disciple of renowned Yoga gurus spending many years of their lives in ashrams. Some of our teachers have master or doctorate degree of Yoga.

    • We have different teachers for each subject with each have mastery in their subject.

    • Our teachers are always there to help students and available to answer queries or question even after the class.

    • All the teachers have good command of English and adopts the best approach and method to make subject understandable.

    • Each teacher has studied all the aspects of yoga while gaining mastery of the subject they teach.

  • Other School

    • Teachers are trained in yoga studios which has very negligible or no experience of yoga.

    • There might be only one teacher who takes all subjects without or very less experience.

    • Teachers are never available after class.

    • Teachers hardly understand English as they are not well acquainted with the English language.

    • Teacher has only knowledge of their subject.

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Our Teachings

  • Akshi Yogashala School

    • We teach Hatha and Astanga every day, so you are not restricted to only one style.

    • Teaching is well planned as step by step method is adopted taking students from beginning to advance level.

    • We gave anatomy class everyday and only a Yoga Anatomy teacher in Rishikesh who teaches the connection of anatomy and yoga wonderfully well.

    • We have separate class for adjustment every day.

    • We also have lectures on Ayurveda to understand the body constitution and yogic practices accordingly.

    • We follow curriculum as laid by Yoga Alliance, USA and the course structure and number of hours is laid accordingly

    • We also make use of many audio visual aids to make teachings easy to understandable.

    • Every student gets enough hours to practice teaching and lead the class which is followed by feedbacks by teachers.

  • Other School

    • Teachers teach only one style

    • Other schools retain same practice every day.

    • Only few sessions on anatomy are conducted and merely structure of the body is taught which has no relation to yoga.

    • There is no separate adjustment class.

    • There is no separate Ayurveda class in other schools.

    • They do not abide by the Yoga Alliance in fixing the curriculum and planning of the schedule.

    • Other schools only use white board.

    • Students does not get sufficient time to teach and are not observed by teachers.

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