Know About Transcendental Meditation

Just imagine in the morning rays of sun our sages are sitting cross-legged for hours. Merely watching them gives us immense pleasure; imagine the peace we will get when we ourselves sit in a way they do.  Yes, we can do it, but for this, we require to give few minutes of our time every day by sitting in a relaxing pose with our eyes closed.

Believe me these few minutes can forever change your life. And you will soon realize you are meditating. But according to our sages and priests, Meditation goes beyond this simple understanding to encompass our mental and spiritual faculties to attain the balance between our body, mind, and soul,  gives us realization about ourselves, increase our  awareness about our body and revive the body’ natural healing process.

Meditation is as old as our human civilization goes but only around few years ago, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used the term Transcendental Meditation(TM) in Madras, India and from then spread it to all over the world. TM encompasses not only the benefits of meditation but gave full consciousness and unity of our mind, body and soul. In the TM, people can reach the unbounded state of awareness, to the state of the higher level of consciousness and bliss transcending our mind from the subtle state of thought towards the source of thought.”


TM is not difficult but a very simple and natural process of meditation requiring twenty minutes of practice every day. It is neither a religion nor a philosophy but a technique that makes your mind settled through the inner levels of thought, till you have attained awareness and consciousness.

People are worried about their wavering mind; they are scared that they cannot keep their mind in control, and are unable to concentrate either. But TM does not require any concentration, no mind control and nor monitoring of any thought process and can be easily performed by even children who are suffering from Attention Deficit disorder or soldiers suffering from PTSD.  Just those twenty minutes of your time and you will yourself see the immense benefits it gives to your body and mind and make your whole life healthy and beautiful:

Among the many Benefits TM

  • Gives you inner peace and calm
  • Controls the stress hormones
  • Keep the blood pressure normal
  • Decreases insomnia
  • Reduces the chance of getting heart attacks and strokes
  • Keep your mind free from anxiety
  • Reduces depression
  • Increase the memory and improves the functioning of the brain.

The TM technique is a repetition of particular or specific sets of “Mantra” or a “word” or we can also call sounds. In Hinduism “OM” is a common form of Mantra. In many spiritual routes, you cannot merely pick a Mantra, but it is your spiritual mentor or guru that assigns Mantra to you according to your stage of spiritual development and then later modifies it as you grow.

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