Valentine Day Gift Idea for Yoga Lovers

Lovers’ heart must be pounding as Valentine day is round the corner. In this romantic aura won’t you like to make your yogi feel special and loved. There you have varieties of chocolates, bouquets, greeting cards, teddy bears and a whole lot of stuff but for a Yogi, a gift has to be something very special. Listen to your heart and select the one that immerses from the soul essence of love and your care.

Yoga Gift Idea for This Valentine Day

The beautiful gift I can suggest is the Aromatherapy bombs to give your partner a sensuous bath. Each bomb has unique scents with many healing properties like joint relief, relaxation of detox etc. These bombs would fill the tub with important oils, flower petals, butter, clays and fizz that would fill you with enjoyment.

There are many Indian Yoga jewelries available with each one of them symbolizing the spirituality and religious existence.  Be the design can be of Aum symbol or Lotus designs are awesome to create a mesmerizing spell in the heart of your lover. And what is better than to give your lover Chakra Gemstone bracelets. The main specialty of the bracelet is that they arouse seven energies which are known as chakras. And the yoga poses helps get this energy.

But if you do not want to savor your valentine with the gifts, look for a special way that could be an interesting as well as surprising. Take your Valentine on Retreat programs that are held quite often by the Yoga schools in the vicinity of nature, which could be in the mountains, near the ocean or in forests.  You two would be away in the remote lands and enjoy the sound rendezvous with nature.

Go beyond the conventional trend you should have ideas straight from Dosha, which are idealistic, tasty and great. If you know your Valentine is Vata, there is nothing better than a manicure or providing relaxation. Better still go to some Italian restaurant and order a creamy pasta dish with wine. Isn’t it a great idea! For a Valentine with a trait of Pita message with cool oils in an awesome location would be perfect. Nothing can be more satisfying that you two are having a romantic picnic while enjoying massage and pita chips with few avocado and cilantro.

As Kapha is the traditional lover, presenting him/her bouquet of bright flowers preferably Yellow Tulips would do wonder. Instead of going out arrange perfect brunch and later you can go for fun and adventure or for partner Yoga.

The above mentioned are just a few but there are many more gift ideas that could surprise your Valentine and shows how much caring you are.

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