Scholarship Program for Free Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Note: *Akshi Yogashala has decided to put on hold all scholarship courses from May 2018*
Yoga means differently to different people and caters to a variety of beliefs, religions, school of thoughts. A flexible and an ideal practice of health and wellness, Yoga is both ancient and modern, it is both a destination and a journey, it is for the pupil and for the teacher. This universal acceptability and adaptability of yoga, has led us to help students suffering from financial limitations.
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Celebrating this ancient wisdom of yoga and making it more accessible to yogis, yoga lovers and yoga students, Akshi Yogashala brings Scholarship programs to those students who are in financial need or would like an external help to fulfill their dreams of learning and teaching yoga. This initiative is a well thought decision by the management of Akshi Yogashala, certified teachers, yogis and yoga gurus of Rishikesh. A unanimous decision to allow each and every individual to taste the sweet fruits of yoga, through the free scholarship program of yoga teacher training course.
Affiliated under the banner of Yoga Alliance, USA, Akshi Yogashala endeavors to offer the best in class services when it comes to 200 hour yoga teacher training program. Enlightening raw minds with the 2500 years old Indian traditions and qualifying them to apply to Yoga Alliance, USA. the school desires to allow maximum exposure of yoga to as many students as possible.

Eligibility Criteria

Without adding any high standards or test, Akshi Yogashala, requests the candidates who are interested in taking up the scholarship program to first fill the form and in few words mention the reason you would need the scholarship. We will filter the applications and award the scholarship to as many students as possible. Also, students who attain the scholarships should be passionate about yoga and have to commit to attending a minimum of five classes in a week and do some seva work or karma yoga to help the school in some small ways. Helping in maintaining the decorum of the yoga hall etc. are some of the basic help that would be requested from them.
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Syllabus for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Keeping everything in line with the a regular 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course, the course will offer a wholesome experience of Ashtanga Vinayasa, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and much more. A complete guide to conquer the quest of yoga and its facets, Akshi Yogashala is placing the Scholarship program for yoga teacher training course on a higher pedestal, as we hope to cater to a larger audience. Here is a list of syllabi covered in the course:
  • Yoga: Varied forms of Yoga like Vinayasa, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, will be taught under the expert guidance with he help of props and verbal instructions. The forms will be explained from scratch, with the meaning and explanation of each and every pose.
  • Theoretical learning: Classes on Human anatomy and Yoga philosophy to understand the working of asanas on the body and the history of yoga will be conducted daily by Rishikesh’s best teachers.
  • Meditation: Connecting the students to their internal being and the deepest part, meditation classes will be given to students to mentally and emotionally relax their mind and connect their entire being into one loop of harmony and peace.
  • Pranayama: The art of breathing and the means to purify your vital life force or the prana energy is also taught by the gurus at Akshi Yogashala.
  • Ayurveda: Yet another ancient practice, some aspects of Ayurveda will be taken up and used to cleanse and detoxify the body of a practitioner to reach finer goals and heightened the result.

Highlights of the Scholarship Program 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

A four week program, the course will rekindle the passion to live a hearty and healthy life.
  • Yoga program, including Ashtanga Yoga & Hatha Yoga
  • Touches of Ayurveda
  • Short excursion trips in the town and around the city of Rishikesh
  • Pick up facility to the ashram from Ram Jhula
  • A dive into the Indian culture
  • Free Wi-Fi facility

Terms and Conditions Apply

  • All the classes, study material and Yoga Certification is free of cost
  • Charges for Accommodation and Food is $800. It includes comfortable and spacious room (Twin Sharing) and a nutritious and ayurvedic meals
  • Booking Fee is $200 for room and food
  • You need to book in advance to secure a room for you
  • Our course payments are pre contracted. In any circumstances the fees are non-refundable or non-transferrable unless the course is cancelled and there is no negotiable in fees.
  • Visa for India is needed to visit, we recommend you to apply for travel visa
  • We do not cover any type of transportation charges

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Date Place Yoga TTC Price Food & Accommodation Booking
5th May Rishikesh Free $800 Fully Booked

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